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Beaches Near Manila

The one place which anyone likes to enjoy during a hot summer day is to just relax under the shade of a tree and look at the waves of a beach. Manila is a place which every tourist can enjoy a dream vacation as there are plenty of beaches and every one of them is a scenic beauty. These beaches not only helps you to relax but helps you to rejuvenate with various beach activities.

Planning a beach trip this summer? Here is a guide to some of the best beaches near Manila.

1. San Antonio in Zambales

The Nagsasa Cove is a beach located in Zambales which is an adventurous place. The beach is a beauty to look at. The Nagsasa is a renowned beach. It is known for its sand enveloped in ashes. The beach is covered by the Agoho trees which looks like the pine trees For those looking for a relaxing scenic beauty San Antonio is the place you should be heading to. San Antonio is a much happening place and there are many different beaches here. The main tourist attraction is the white sand.

2. Anawangin Cove

This beach is also found in Zambales and it is also one of the best beaches. The Anawangin Cove is famous for its pine trees. The Mt. Pinatubo exploded into volcano covering the surrounding areas with ashes. In spite of the explosion, the beauty of the mountains makes this place a must visit for many tourists


3. Borawan Beach in Padre Burgos, Quezon

One of the top beaches which is a must visit near Manila is the Borawan beach. Borawan island is smaller compared to other islands but it has some of the best vacation spots and the beaches are like heaven. The beach has rooms and other living facilities available for rent especially for tourists who come to visit. There are local shops as well to shop your basic necessities.

4. Potipot Island in Zambales

Potipot Island is a famous picnic spot as there are very fewer options to stay for overnight. The beach is the best place to relax in the white powdery sand while you play with the clear water of the beach. It is located in the Uacon, Candelaria in Zambales. This beach does not host much of hotels or resorts. If you are planning an overnight stay it is best to look for the cottages before reaching here or it is best to get your own camping tent and other supplies for an overnight stay. It can be an adventurous memory for your lifetime.

5. Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon

Another island closer to Manila which attracts many tourists is the Cagbalete island’s beach. This beach is very popular and to visit you need to take the backpackers as the island has 3-mile sandbar and white sand beaches. It is located at Lamon Bay in Mauban, Quezon. Cagbalete may not be as well-known island compared to the other popular island beaches but it is one of the hidden spots of scenic beauty.

All the beaches near Manila are a wonderful camping place and tourists should come prepared. Because once you are there, the effect of a cooling, relaxing environment, birds chirping around, the food available in the nearby markets in some of the beaches, and some of the things will make you stay longer than you think or plan.



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