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Can you bring your yaya (maid) outside the Philippines for a vacation as an expat with tourist visa?

*****please guys, i need answer from someone that was in the same situation and everything went well…***** Hello everyone. Im here in the Philippines with tourist visa. I have a yaya that work for me for 4 mounts. We going on a vacation for 10 days to Israel on monday with the yaya. I want to know if the immigration will ask her how she’s working for, and what they (us) doing here…if basically its ok to hire yaya when im tourist…please if someone was in this situation, please answer me. Thank u

Gunner Colon: Assuming that the yaya is Filipina you shouldn’t have problem and I don’t think anyone would ask question but if they would just tell them the truth. It is common here in Philppines to travel with yaya.

Milani Garcia: Even if u are a tourist here? U can hire a yaya?

Gunner Colon: Yes you can

Tobias Gray: I don’t think so.

Carlos Conner: Be very careful of getting hit with a human trafficking charge,,,,,

Milani Garcia: What do u mean??

Gunner Colon: Yes i would like to know that too

Macie Pope: I don’t think they will ask. Your yaya will not need a visa to go to Israel.

Milani Garcia: Its not because of israel, its getting out from the Philippines

Macie Pope: Oh if that’s the case. they’re gonna ask, if she has funds and when was the last time she traveled outside the country. They might ask to show funds as well.

Gunner Colon: Why dobt you go to your embassy and ask what kind of visa or invitation she needs.. because it’s different for each country.

Gunner Colon: Maybe she will need an invitation from you and supporting document. Check with your embassy.

Kinsley Brown: Philippine passport wont have any problems travelling in israel there should be no questions asked about that.

Milani Garcia: Its not about the embassy because its about the immigration here is the Philippines. She dont need any visa to go to israel. Just that someone told me that they can ask her what we are doing here, and if we are only traveling, why she is our yaya…

Mariana Fernandez: worst case, let her stay, im sure she’ll appreciate the vacay. heaps of Filipinos in Israel, maybe you could take on a few days rental if there’s a legit reco

Milani Garcia: Didn’t understand nothing..worst case is that i paid 1200dollar to buy her a ticket so she can come to the vacation with us…and its a very worst case

William Norton: Going holiday to a country who kill children everyday, what a dream !!

Amira Lawrence: Your comment is irrelevant.

Milani Garcia: Your comments as been reported.

Tiffany Burns: Says the guy with Beiber haircut from Cambodia killing fields. Yep, I’ll call you out. That’s what you get.

Julie Huff: Know your facts a bit better ingnoramus

Amira Lawrence: Tiffany Burns: I bet his/her ass he can’t think of a good come back from this. 😂

Amira Lawrence: Shalom! A lot of foreigners here hire nanny/nannies and bring them on holidays/tour. Filipinos don’t need visa going to Israel and if ever the immigration asks you or your nanny, tell them that she is with you and you hired her as your child’s nanny. Show them the documents & return tickets. No problem.

Isabella Hughes: I believe the main question is if they can hire yaya if they are on tourist visa in the Philippines. Tair is afraid that at the airport in the Philippines she will be stopped and asked why she has yaya if she is on tourist visa here.

Milani Garcia: This is the quotation!

Leila Bowers: As a tourist yes you can hire a yaya. Just like you can rent a condo, buy a car or anything else except work. They allow you to stay on a tourist visa for up to 18 months until which time you can leave and enter again and start your next 18 months.

Ryker Barton: You can stay up to 36 month on a tourist visa without leaving the country.

Leila Bowers: They must have changed it recently 👍

Milani Garcia: Are u sure that its ok to hire a yaya?

Leila Bowers: Yes same as you can hire a driver or a maid. Why would a country try to stop you from providing employment?

Samantha Herrera: i don’t see any problems with it

King Griffith: U think it’s much better don’t tell the immigration she is ur yaya just tell them she is your family friend going also a vacation with you that’s all.

Tobias Gray: You will have a problem at the immigration for sure. First of all, they’ll ask about your immigration status in the Philippines. You are not holding a valid resident visa which makes it difficult to prove your intention of bringing her with you to Israel. What assurance can you give the immigration that you are coming back to the Philippines when you are only holding a tourist visa? They would think that you won’t return for after all you’re a tourist. They would think that you are into human trafficking. No, I would not advise you to do that.


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