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How much is the average salary for a graduate student in Manila?

Zara Mcdonald: Depends industry

Sofia Ryan: about 12 – 15k monthly

Presley Walker: That’s horrible…

Charlee Carlson: Reality

Charlee Carlson: About $300 – $400 per month

Corbin Wolfe: More of half of the world live with less than this. Yes that’s our world 😞

Daisy Parks: Depends on the industry. For engineers the monthly salary is pretty low but finance/business analysts earn more. The median salary is around 16-18k

Graham Gray: less than $200 per month

Miguel Flores: I wonder how people manage to pay rental, buy cars, and still live a decent life

Charlee Carlson: They live in horrid living conditions and pay only P2500/month. Filipinos are too shy to ask for pay raises, and employers are too stingy to give it to them.

Skye Stevens: They live with extended families.

Nicole Phillips: Bingo Skye Stevens: but their also feeding their whole family. Lot of them spending money buying stuff

Braelynn Weaver: Quite depressing

Maddox Ortiz: BPO industry 28000+ per Month

Charlee Carlson: It is rapidly diminishing due to AI (Artificial Intelligence). As many as 30 – 40% of BPO jobs will disappear by 2022

Skye Stevens: Those robots still can’ t do the jobs.

Charlee Carlson: Skye Stevens: You would surprised. Some are better than humans. And they never call in sick 😂

Braelynn Weaver: Charlee Carlson: yea but u cant talk shit to ai tho… 😂😂😂

Cash Peterson: Maddox Ortiz: Bullshit. Its barely over 20k

Lily Hale: …and often below 20k

Jax Hicks: I would say that the average for an ordinary CSR are between 20-22k/month. Shift leaders and Team leaders get better paid!

Cash Peterson: Jax Hicks: And how much is a president making?

Josiah Pearson: Geologist 50 -80k

Kylie Black: I think for IT the range is 70k up

Sofia Ryan: sorry no. that is my industry. everyone starts really low

Kylie Black: Sofia Ryan: oh ? An IT man told me before. May be he does something else 🤔

Daisy Parks: For an experienced person maybe yes. But not for a fresh graduate.

Sofia Ryan: i agree with Rahul

Brady West: Kylie Black: and maybe he was not Filipino but foreigner. A Filipino, doing the same Job in the company will probably earn less money than the foreigner. Bad, but true.

Gemma Arnold: Depend which field. Bpo multilingual (except EN) from 45k and up

Jocelyn Ramsey: Graduated from what and where ? Depends.

Archer Cobb: I started 15k in BPO went up to 78k in 3 years

Archer Cobb: What’s funny?

Alaina Bates: Career bargirl not a bad option then

Alyssa Hunt: If you are looking for a student just graduated from year 10 looking for a job as a yaya then maybe 6k per month. Or if you are after a PhD graduate from Ateneo in Cognitive Engineering and AI then maybe 200k.

Liana Potter: I wonder why theres many i—-ts! like u!

Liana Potter: I need a houseboy would u like to apply?

Ryleigh Poole: Come to Canada where a bottom of the line job, making minimum wage (e.g. McDonalds), will earn you $2,400 CAD per month. Remember, this is a minimum wage salary ($14.00 per hour).

Braelynn Waters: I will be frozen before I get my first salary

Liana Potter: He said in “MANILA” not Canada

Mila Bradley: 14,000 for a graduated student.

Mila Bradley: Of course in Peso.

Ryleigh Poole: 2,400 CAD converted to pesos is 96,384 pesos per month.

Mila Bradley: But the whatever tax is high. Knew from my folks at Alberta.

Ryleigh Poole: Milo, tax is high for high income earners, maybe 40 %, but when you compare apples and oranges, still a better deal. Remember, we have free medical care and many other great social programs. Even a better deal for a Canadian like me to retire in your amazing country of Philippines (people and country). Unfortunately, corruption and crime has ruined your country, hope it gets better soon.

Ryleigh Poole:
Compare your country – Taxing Wages

Ryleigh Poole: Check Canada, it actually fared better than I figured for tax vs return on tax. As you know, tax is necessary for infrastructure development, social programs, and much more. The question is how much do you get in return for your taxes, I think the link above sums that fairly well.

Mila Bradley: It’s true. Foreign retirees live like king or queen here. For locals, it takes almost our entire lifetime to live like that. Some are still grinding at their 60s.

Mila Bradley: I actually love your country. The government cares about the people, expats or not. Not to mention the kindness of your people.

Ryleigh Poole: What part of Philippines do you live in?

Mila Bradley: I’m at the city. Metro Manila.

Addison Rhodes: Mila Bradley: That’s not all true that foreign retirees live like kings. That’s a myth among locals that’ we’re all rich. Some of us retired early on fixed incomes.

Mila Bradley: Mostly is what I meant. Should’ve rephrased that.

Addison Rhodes: Mila Bradley: That’s fine under the terms of my retirement visa I can actually work here if I pay for a work permit from your Dept. of Labor here. It’s nice to have that option.

Mila Bradley: Our government allows that because aside from the Immigration, it’s where they launder money.

Charlee Carlson: What were your expectations?

Nylah Reid: Can be even less if no work experience.

Megan Wilson: Just graduated 30k max. Graduates here still need a lot of training

Leilani Ramos: 10$ per day

Liana Potter: Depends to what industry

Gianna Ryan: Payscale: salaries:

Amari May: Freshgrad- minimum wage depends on the industry.

Daphne Brock: Depends on the industry, and the company. But a fresh grad going into BPO or 1st line IT support in Metro Manila may start at around P18k-22k, depending on the exact role.If you are looking for BPO or IT work, the company I work for are hiring. They have 2 offices in Metro Manila; one in McKinley Hill, Taguig and the other in Pasig.

Mckenzie Green: Depends if the graduate is a college or post grad 🙂

Zachary Schmidt: The graduates at our place are paid 20 to 25,000 per month.

Kamryn Sherman: Depends on the industry, school he/she graduated from

Millie Frazier: Pretty much pocket lint unless you network and dig in… usually $10-15 a day unless like IT then it’s much more.

Parker Valdez: In IT, programmer and similar can get 80-100k.

Millie Frazier: Same with network engineer 2-3 and obviously Cisco anything pays well, get those certs !


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