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How to find someone who can come and install gas stove at home in Manila?

Help Required from friends in Manila… please recommend anyone who can come and install gas stove at home, we are having hard time since we moved to a new condo, we have bought, changed and replaced the gas stove 4 times already ourselves and all of them had some defect and leakage(danger involved), no one will come and install it, #Lagermania is saying that they have man power shortage and can’t come before 15th and we can’t live without it, please suggest

Tony Christian Ratcliffe: That sounds odd, almost every stove and oven that I have ever worked on used a std threaded connector and fibre washer for the gas hose connection. Did you use ptfe tape?Btw, Gas Installations are not unique to each brand and Lagermania are an F&P offshoot if I remember correctly. Why not visit one of the many retailers and get the details of a few of the local installers that they use? If all else fails maybe buy a cheap plug in ring until the 15th.

Abhishek Ramesh Batra: Leakage is not from the hose or regulator, we had different issues with the gas stove itself, like 2 of dem had leakage of gas right from where the ignition or gas will be supplied, it catches fire which had been scary, last one I got has gas leaking out continuously from one of the burners without even turning it on, not sure if it is bad luck or what is happening exactly.

Anki Soler: altho they are also quite busy, give Rankine a call 02 4376433lemme know how it goes, mention my name as well

Anki Soler: if its a brand new stove, la germania should stand by it and the warranty tho

Abhishek Ramesh Batra: Yeah but La germania is saying that they have only 1 guy servicing in pasig and they will come in on 15th, let me try rankine

La Germania
Local Business
East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue, Muntinlupa City

Anki Soler: check your warranty tho, if rankine touches it, La Germania may not honor the warranty after…

La Germania
Local Business
East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue, Muntinlupa City

Bert van Ommen: You’re lucky that your condo allows gasstoves. Most condos/apartment buildings only allow electric stoves (incl. induction stoves)… (I think it’s a conspiracy between the condo developers and Meralco… but that’s a different story…) 😉

Andrew Beech: Until there’s a gas explosion like in Serendra in bgc last year 😂

Cortes Joao: It’s for safety reason.

Anki Soler: its a stupid rule, IMHO

Allan Leones: Buy an induction cooker for temporary (to long term) use until your stove is visited by lagermania. Its now cheaper and safer to use.

Abhishek Ramesh Batra: Yeah, do have induction but not d induction cookware, only a couple, surviving somehow, thanks

Abhishek Ramesh Batra: Thanks everyone, an update, I dunno it is funny or what, issue should have been caught by d guy who came to connect gas tank in first place, issue was with regulator and dat guy said it is the issue with gas stove, after changing 5 gas stove, we finally got to know dere was leakage in regulator which was causing the issue, it was either not burning or when it was burning, it was leading to a fire around where d gas was leaked already, lesson learnt, thank God it did not lead to anything bad and all good now.

Tony Christian Ratcliffe: Glad it’s sorted. Nice to know that the installers that you are waiting and paying for are competent, professional and safety conscious…… after all it’s not like a condo fire is much of a big thing right? All said very tongue in cheek as I am an ex gas tech and had to carry out safety (inc leak tests) on every single job that I attended as well as attend update courses every year by law to show competence and keep up to date with the latest regulations… 😳


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