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How to get health insurance in Manila?

Blair Villanueva: Julius Chu Macalagay

Xia Xia: anyone has experience of using AsianHealth healthy card?

Kristine Alindogan-Pineda: Hi! Im a Financial Advisor from AXA Phils. We have Global Health Access(GHA), the most extensive health coverage you will ever need which gives you access to hospitals worldwide. We also offer Critical Conditions Coverage. I wpuld love to give you more details. Feel free to send me a message. ☺

Michael Steninger: how much is it monthly?

Kristine Alindogan-Pineda: PM sent Michael.

Ira Eijkelenboom: Hi Kristine. Im also looking for an insurance for myself. Kindly pm details

Kristine Alindogan-Pineda: Pm sent Ira.

Ferdinand Wizer: hey Kristine . I’m also looking for an insurance! thx for some info

Kristine Alindogan-Pineda: Ferdinand pm sent!

Analiza Mijares: Try maxicare or medicard, if you need healthcard.

Xia Xia: thank u! this group is always very helpful!

Xia Xia: Liz Cee hehe one by one, step by step diba? 🙂

Liz Cee: Xiayi Zhang yes for sure!! 😊

Angela Thakur: Pacific cross

Angela Thakur: Wait let me justify my suggestion. With Pacific Cross you no longer need to get travel insurance. They also airlift you from other countries in case of emergencies so…

Jeff Scott Rosen: Been using blue/pacific cross for about 8 years

Enni Seigne: AXA 🙂

Rommel Tan-Abing: Medicard

Karla Abraham: Maxicare

Michelle Regina Santos: Sun life

Angela Thakur: If you get sunlife they have a plan that doubles upon death. Ex: you get a 1.5m plan.. payout is 3m

Myrtle Light: axa

Myrtle Light: sunlife useless never used it not even once

Jadd Deuda: sunlife

Jha Andrade: Louie GarciaTroo/eastwest

Michaelito Landicho: Intellicare

Xia Xia: hi Michaelito Landicho, I checked Intellicare out, but they only have corporate plan for 20 staffs and up

Ruel Dapula Pamiroyan: Liezel Solis Recopuerto

Troy Hodges: I use Pacific Cross. Great expat plan. 1 million dollar+ plans. Good Globally. No need to pay and wait for reimbursement. #lorenhodges

Troy Hodges: Loren Hodges

Ma Liezel R. Sardenia: Manulife

Jade Ordinario Toralba: ill message you and give details..please accept

Duke Junior: Try Kaiser…

Marga Recio-Langley: Hi there! The claims pay out reputation of pacific cross is good!

Ma Cristina Divina: Can i set an appointment with you ma’am?


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