The capital and chief city of the Philippines


Manila Airport

Manila is a city where a lot of tourists visits every year. The place is a beautiful vacation place with people from all parts of the World. You could reach Manila through the NAIA. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport of Manila serves Manila and other metropolitan areas around.

Furthermore, it is located between the cities Pasay and Paranaque and is a hub for many other airlines such as the AirAsia Philippines, Cebgo, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, etc. The late senator Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr is what the airport named after.

Historical facts of the airport

Known as the Grace Park Airfield and opened in 1935 in Grace Park. The Nielson airport served as the gateway of Manila in 1937. The present name was given on August 17, 1987, honoring the senator who was assassinated in the airport after returning to the Philippines from his exile in the United States.

Terminals of the airport

At present, there are four terminals and two runways. International and national flights are what each terminal is based upon.

Terminal 1

The international airlines are served in the meantime. There are few airlines on this terminal such as the Cebu Pacific Air, PAL Express, and others are not served. The terminal 1 has about 16 gates.

Terminal 2

This terminal has the flights landing from international and domestic purposes of the country’s flag carrier. The building is wide and it has six-stories.  The terminal is divided into two wings that is the North wing is for International flights and the South wing is for domestic flights.

Terminal 3

This terminal is newest. It serves the International flights that are not allowed in Terminal 1. It also allows some of the domestic flights.

Terminal 4

Lastly, it is a terminal only for domestic flights from local carriers like the Skyjet Airlines.


Manila Airport Transportation

The airport provides transport facilities through the bus, rail, shuttle bus and taxi services.

Transportation by bus

From the airport there nine bus routes that go in different directions into the Manila city. Eight goes through the EDSA. Only one of the routes goes through the Circumferential Road 5.

Transportation by rail

The transportation by rail is directly connected to the Manila Light Rail Transit system and much better than other transportation services.

Transportation by taxi

There are various taxi facilities available from all parts of Manila to the airport. The taxi can reach any of the terminals as they are connected. Be careful while booking a ride in a taxi. Accept only metered or pre-booking as people who approach you in the terminals charge more amount. The ride from the airport to the nearby hotel is maximum 20 minutes.


Hotel facilities

There are many hotels available closer to the airport and they are maximum a 30 minutes drive. These hotels provide you an advanced booking. Make sure you talk to the hotel in charge person regarding a car for transportation as most of the hotels do provide. For instance, hotels such as the Nichols Aiport Hotel, Roger’s place, Crosswinds Ocean hotel and few other hotels.


Car Rental Services

At the same time, the airport provides the car rental services where you can book a car for rent during your stay or for any number of days. There are rental desks at every terminal and cars are available from various car companies. The online support of the Manila helps you to book a car from the car rental before your travel so that a car will be ready for your arrival.


Other facilities

The NAIA provides all other facilities that are required for a safe commuting. There are restaurants with different types of food available. The hotel lounge, VIP lounge, medical care, lost and found, ATMs, bar, restrooms, shops, immigration, coffee shops.

The NAIA airport provides all kind of facilities to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable trip.


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