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Metro Manila Movie Theaters

Metro Manila Movie Theaters

Watching a movie with your favorite people be it a couple of friends or family is one of the best ways of spending a weekend. Manila is a city which has many multiplexes and theaters to catch on a show. What can ruin a well-planned movie evening is a theatre that you chose turns out to be the worst place to hang out. Some theatres have the cushions worn out, no proper staff who cleans it neatly after every show, no proper spacing between every row, bad sound effects and improper lighting, the reasons are plenty to spoil a well-planned evening. So it is always wise to check out the theatre before you book a movie. Here are a few top theatres that are best in Manila.

The Top Theaters

Metro Manila is a metropolitan city which has a number of movie halls. Each one is different from one another. Here is a list of top five for you to choose.

1. Power Plant Mall Cinemas

Price: P 185 for regular movie and P300 for a 3D movie.

The Power Plant Mall in Makati is one of the huge shopping complexes and they also have the best movie theatre to catch up on after a day of shopping. You can also book online for the tickets and avoid standing in a line. The cinemas have an excellent seating with their unique design of love seats and a Dolby bass sound system. The theatre provides actual 3D glasses for better viewing experience and their sour-cream popcorn is the best.

2. Eastwood Ultra 7

Price: P400

The Eastwood Ultra 7 has the best recliner double seats and they are perfect for a relaxing evening to catch up on a movie. The theatre provides unlimited drinks and refreshments. The spacing between rows is wide allowing you to stretch your legs and lay down. The theatre is very spacious giving you a feeling of an indoor stadium. Before the lights go off and the screen lit up, the movie attendees make rounds to take orders for any food and drinks which you can enjoy without moving from your seat.

3. Greenbelt 3 Cinemas

Price: P180 to P200 for regular movies

For private renting P26,500 for four hours

The Greenbelt Cinemas are yet another excellent choice to watch a movie. The seats are placed with wide leg space and comfortable which helps in not craning your neck or no leg pains for keeping it folded tightly for too long. You can stretch and relax as however you want. The Greenbelt 3 MyCinema has an option for private viewing where you can rent a cinema and view with people you care for a get-together or a personal gathering. There are about 50 seats. You can also enjoy a small bar, lounge area, and private restrooms.

4. Imax Theatre in SM Mall of Asia

Price: P450 for regular movies.

The Imax theatre is World famous and especially when it is in the biggest mall like the SM Mall of Asia. The wider leg space, the comfortable seats, and beautiful interiors which makes you feel excited are some of the reasons watching a movie in Imax is a must once in a while. The lighting effects bring on a classy look for the entire theatre space and it makes the movie an enjoyable and fun experience.  The best part is the mobile ticketing.

5. Shang Cineplex

Price: P300 for 3D movies.

Watching a movie in Shang Cineplex is like a magic because they have inbuilt sound effects in the walls. This theatre uses the latest technology with superior acoustics and 3D projection digital cinemas. Shang Cineplex was the first to use XpanD Active 3D glasses for the advanced viewing experience.

Check for the best theatres and the facilities available before booking a ticket. Manila is an entertaining place and the movie theatres provide the best of facilities. Make the best of use for an evening of fun.


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