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Romantic spots in Manila

Not all holidays are supposed to be refreshing, fun and looking around for activities to do. Sometimes it’s all about finding a perfect place for the couples to spend quality time together. If you are traveling and want some places that are unique because of their romantic avatar then such places can be the right spot for couples. Manila offers a lot for someone who is visiting the place as a tourist, bag packer or a holidaymaker. All you need to know is what is your motive for the visit and how long are you going to be in the city. If you are a couple or someone who loves to go some romantic place in Manila we shall try to figure out some romantic spots in Manila.

Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

Do you love French cuisine and wine? then this restaurant is the perfect choice for you. It is located centrally and has access for all kinds of visitors. If you are planning for a romantic night out in between your travel and stay in Manila then this spot should be on your wish list.

Watching fireworks together

There are spots in Manila where you can get to know one another while watching breathtaking firecrackers. As a matter of fact, each Saturday. You can encounter the incredible firecracker done in Mall of Asia’s bayside in the Saturday evening. There is firecracker rivalry held amid February and March which can be viewed from various parts of the city including housetops of the lodging and other open zones.

Spiral of Sofitel Manila

Looking for some romantic places in Manila?  This cannot be undone without experiencing the luxury buffet located in the Spiral restaurant in Sofitel Manila. It has a wide range of menu for more than 350 international dishes. Additionally, from this list of delicious food, they have sensational interiors and lighting that can make your evening a wonderful date.

Nino Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

This can be a right choice if you want to go a bit away from the fast and crazy life of Metro. It is located in Loyola Heights and offers you some of the world-class wine along with the cuisine from Asia and Europe.

SM Mall of Asia

The largest mall in Asia and it has a wide variety of activities to offer for a couple or romantic pair. Thus, you can spend your time shopping, dining, watching movies, playing games or watching the sunset over Manila Bay and much more. You can spend the almost whole day inside the mall with a wide variety of shopping options to recreational activities available under one roof.

Manila Bay

Romantic scene better than you cuddling up with your loved one? Watch the sunset in Manila Bay. Nevertheless, the sunset in Manila Bay is an iconic thing that you can see and something not to miss. You will spend some truly magic hours of the sunset and this can be the most romantic memory of your life.


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