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Manila Bulletin

Every country has its own news edition which informs its citizen about the happenings in the country. Manila Bulletin is the Philipines largest newspaper in circulation. The newspaper goes with a famous slogan as the “Nation’s Leading Newspaper”. What makes this newspaper so special is that it was founded many years ago that is in the year 1900. It is a successful newspaper till date and provides the best news about the things happening in the entire Philippines.

The Bulletin’s origin and history

The Manila Bulletin is the second oldest newspaper in Philipines. The first was “the Manila Times”. Manila Bulletin was founded in the year 1900 and was owned by the Swiss expatriate named Hans Menzi. Over the years the editors of the newspaper have been through various changes that happened in the country and have faced many difficulties. During the World War II, the editor Roy Anthony Cutaran Bennett was captured and tortured by the Japanese as he made a statement against the militarist expansion of the Japanese Empire. The Bulletin newspaper is unique and has won the respect of the people as the best because of its pro-administration though whoever is in power. They are known best for their optimistic and non-sensational journalism. The Bulletin editor and publishing team always respected the Government agencies and officials.

In today’s World when one reads a newspaper it is filled with all the crime and news that is full of negativity. Hence to improve the positivity they introduced news that had something good to people. It was introduced with a marketing tagline as “There’s Good News Here” in the year 2015.

The Manila Bulletin was the second leading newspaper in the year 2007 where it won about 47 % . The first was the Philippine Inquirer. The Manila Bulletin has its two tabloids that are the Tempo and Balita. They also have nine magazines under Manila Bulletin wing and they are the Bannawag, Bisaya Magasin, Hiligaynon Magazine, Liwayway under entertainment section, Sports Digest in the sports section, Animal Scene, Cruising, Sense and Style, Style weekend and Agriculture under lifestyle section.

Disputes and controversies

The Manila Bulletin was in news and for a certain time, there were disputed between the newspaper management and a Blogger. The blogger sued the newspaper for copyrights infrigement of his photographs which was posted on his blog and they were used in the newspaper without the blogger permission. After a year the Manila Bulletin sued the blogger.

The Manila Bulletin digital

In this digital World Manila Bulletin also started their digital newspaper and the readers can read online. After 115 years since the newspaper first started it has come a long way and still stands as the best. The newspaper has lived to its reputation as “exponent of Philippine progress” with an accurate and outstanding news and features. The Manila Bulletin is the only newspaper which has become the first broadsheet to use a multi-level platform. It is available now on every platform from print, LED billboards, online, mobile apps, and can be read in various screens that is the laptop, tablet, smartphone, and even watches.

The features that are available in the digital version makes it comfortable for a reader to do many things on the go. Some of the prominent features are,

Listen to Bulletin

Staying connected with the latest news is an important task. Manila Bulletin digital allows listening to the news while you are multitasking. It is also helpful for the blind who may not be able to read the newspaper.

Read offline

You can download the edition when you are connected to read it later on offline where the connection might be minimal or nil.


The translate feature allows you to translate some of the articles or the entire publication into other languages for the comfort of reading the paper in your personal language.

Share and Print

Every article has a share and print option. You can either share or print an article to store a piece.

Back Issues

Check for the previous issues which are available in order.

Reading the newspaper and staying connected be it the current affairs or just entertainment helps us to know about our surroundings. Manila Bulletin is the best you can lean on for your daily dose.


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