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What Philippine Bank to open an account that allows online payment?

Hi everyone! I need a recommendation on which Philippine Bank to open an account with. I am leaving the Philippines but I need to have a Philippine account and my current (BPI Family) Bank does not allow online payments of my electricity bills. I need a Philippine bank which: -A: doesn’t mind that i’m not a resident -B: allows me to withdraw cash in Europe -C:gives me the oportunity to pay my (electricity) bills online – D: is easiest/easy in transfering large amounts to my European account if i mannage to sell my property. E: has an available inbound department so that I won’t be spending tons of money on phone bills if I have to call them from Holland. Where do i go?

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst: Goede vraag, mijnheer

Ingrid Beo Brutus Honrado: Hi … BPI allows you to pay your bills. You need to fill up the form. I do this all the time and I’m here in the US

AVincent Changcoco Ramos: try BDO they have online banking

Ingrid Beo Brutus Honrado: I have BPI family bank

BPI Family Bank
EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines

Ingrid Beo Brutus Honrado: I even transfer funds BPI to Metrobank, pay phone, transmit to PayPal. Filling the form is what this person need and then drop it at BPI customer service branch office

Metrobank Plaza, Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, 1200 Makati

Mariusz Grzyb: Just 4get 2 get an answer about banking here because f u ask a simple question about what is required 2 open an account here u will get 10 different answers from 10 people. U need 2 start 2 think Filipino way

Ira Eijkelenboom: Every bank has different requirements

Wouter Kulche: Thanks but i sailed back and fort between Meralco and BPI F. Bank and the conclusion was that with them i will still have to rely on someone to forward me the bill from my mailbox.

Robert Ong Jr: Use the other BPI… Not the family bank.

Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, 1226 Makati

Parfait Ane: I agree with Robert Ong Jr use the other BPI…not the family bank.

Adaline Ngo: BDO to go

Maève Venus: BDO in BGC the Service is a bit better

BDO SM Cubao Branch
1.8 ★ · $ · Parking Garage / Lot
Sm Cubao, Gen. Aguinaldo Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Ira Eijkelenboom: HSBC Rockwell Branch

Wouter Kulche: Thank you all

Andrew Beech: If you need fast over the counter service stay away from bpi and bdo. Better to go for a less popular one like east West as it will generally be empty

Rajesh Roger Daswani: You can enroll your account with auto debit when it comes to bills.

Adaline Ngo: If i would choose hsbc or citi, then it’s better. But its very hard n alot of documents and money to get a card there. Bdo is the best choice

Kirby Dichaves: check ur inbox 🙂

Eloisa Arcega Aniceta Behan: BPI allows you to pay bills. BDO is ok too.

Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, 1226 Makati

Clare Torralba: HSBC

Commercial Bank
Ayala Ave, 1200 Makati

Ghie C. Cayaban: PS Bank .

PS Bank
Leyte St, Manila, Philippines

Liza Barrera: Have a disappointing experience with BPI. You need to enrol the name of the persons or company by completing the form, sign & post or hand it to any BPI Branch then wait for days for approval. This could be fine while you’re still living in Phil. But what about if you’re living overseas?

Wouter Kulche: Well, they once ‘approved’ my request for a housing loan but instead of giving the money to the seller they ‘still needed just a few details’. Turns out that those ‘few details’ were an agonising 3 years of ‘we are almost there but we still need one more little thing’ so 3 years in which i couldnt rent out the property. I dont even want to calculate how much money i missed out on rental income during all that time. Funniest part was when (halfway the process) they asked me to come with a co-borrower who must be Filipino AND a relative of mine.

Robert Ong Jr: Try citibank

Financial Service
1000 Manila, Philippines

Liza Barrera: it’s a nightmare!

Mary Ann Marin Streeter: Citibank

Citibank, Eastwood
4.3 ★ · $ · Coffee Shop
GF Citibank Eastwood Ave. Eastwood City, 1110 Quezon City, Philippines

Vera Hänjes: I’ve been doing all of this through Gcash, Paymaya and UnionBank. They also have cards and your current mobile number is probably on one of their networks anyway. 😉

UnionBank Plaza
3.6 ★ · $ · Business Service
1605 Pasig
Financial Service
Varona St, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


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