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Where to find photography classes here in Manila?

Hi, I am looking for a recommendation for photography classes here in Manila. I am a beginner and want to take a couple of classes/seminars to learn more about shooting. Can anyone recommend a school / teacher? Thank you 😊

Paul Herrera: Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation

Shireen Sheriff: Ff

Jess Sarmiento: Ff

Anna Walaschek: What is Ff?

Jess Sarmiento: Following

Aivanni Ferisja: PCCI – Philippine Center for Creative Imaging -Digital Arts Training Center

Levi Kawānanakoa: Im looking too

Jess Sarmiento: I asked the top photographer here & he said PCCI

Jess Sarmiento: He said he used to teach there

Lewis Inman: Hi Anna, I have a first class honours degree in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography my work can be seen at Im looking at doing some 1v1 tutorials soon and eventually group workshops but mainly around Documentary and Street Photography here in Manila, What kind of photography are you looking at getting into?


Stuart Jamieson: Hi Lewis I’m an amateur travel photographer keen to develop better street photography skills. Would be interested in your workshops. You can see my work at

Stuart (@stujamtravels) • Instagram photos and videos

Lewis Inman: Hi Stuart, Nice feed! Thanks for your interest, Im hoping to start in the next few weeks so I will keep you updated. Would you be more interested in private or group workshops?

Stuart Jamieson: Either or both

Anna Walaschek: Hi Lewis, thanks for sharing your link. I first need to learn how to use the camera properly 😄 and I’m looking into street, nature and people. I’m looking for group workshops to start with

Resty Flores: I recommend joining local groups of hobbyists, too. Good luck!

Ioannis Kollaros: PCCI is the best. Experts as instructors and serious hobbist/enthousiasts as attendees. Many various other options as fb groups etc etc and every Sunday at QC wildlife park the entire place is an endless photoshoot stage with photographers and models of almost all kinds.

Anna Walaschek: Thank you 🙏 all for the recommendations. Much appreciated 🤗

Lans Entera: jo Avila try to check

Gary Tyson: I am a British professional photographer recently relocated from Hong Kong to BGC, Manila. I run travel and street photography workshops around Asia (next one in Cambodia 13-19 February). I specialise in location portraiture, travel and commercial photography and video production. My background was as a British Army War Photographer, serving 18 years before relocating to Asia. Please check out my website at to see my work. I am available to teach 1-1, am also interested in collaborating with other photographers for workshops and commercial projects around Manila and the Philippines.



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