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Who is Rodrigo Duterte?

16th President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte is the present and 16th President of Philippines, elected in the year 2016. He was born on March 28, 1945, in Maasin, Philippines. He was a born into a family of political people as his father served as s Governor of the province of Davao and his mother was a community activist who was an important person in the “people power” movement. It was the movement which removed the authoritarian President Ferdinand Marcos and re-introduced the democratic rule.

Education and early years

Rodrigo Duterte known as Digong is a lawyer by profession. He graduated from law school in the year 1972 and then joined the City Prosecution Office of Davao City. Then, he became the mayor of Davao City in the year 1988. Known as a tough man on crime and thus re-elected six times. Rodrigo Duterte is a tough kid while growing up and expelled from school. However, he changed his behavior and attended Lyceum of the Philippines University. Later he studied law at San Beda College and passed out in the year 1972. He does not mince his words and often found himself in a number of controversies. There are many occasions were officials are offended because of the words he uses and the comments he makes. However, he is a one of the tough President.

Rodrigo Duterte was married to the former flight attendant Elizabeth Zimmerman in the year 1973 and got an annulment in the year 2000. They have three children, out of two are also into politics.

Becoming the Mayor of Davao City

Rodrigo Duterte is a man who reduced the crime rate in the Davao city. When he was the council at the City Prosecution office in the year 1977, he began to move his career from legal to political. After two years, he was elected as the vice mayor of the Davao City in the year 1986.

The same year when President Ferdinand Marcos was removed from the “people power” revolution due to the increase in the criminal activities. Rodrigo Duterte implemented some strict laws to bring down the crime. He ordered curfew and strict laws against drinking. He also gave permission to a selected team who carried rights to kill. These teams are called the “Davao Death Squad” or the “Duterte Death Squad”. The squad people killed more than 1000 suspected drug dealers and gangs.

Because of this, he got a nickname as the ‘Punisher’ and he is successful in reducing crime in the Davao City. He became the politician with more supporters as he also helped the city maintain it’s cleanliness by banning smoking. The LGBT community loves Rodrigo as he supports them and took friendly measures. Rodrigo Duterte became a well-known politician with his television weekly program in the entire country apart from his work.

Becoming Philippines President

During his presidential campaign, Rodrigo promised his followers to bring strict rules in eradicating crimes in the country. He also promised to revive the steel industry and establish a new federal parliamentary Government. Though, after that he was in series of controversies which could have ruined his career, he did not bow down and won the votes. He became the 16th President of Philippines, as a matter of fact, a number of crimes controlled and criminals start to surrender. He is seen as the tough leader.

During the time when Barack Obama was the US President, Rodrigo Duterte lashed out and said that his Government will be separating from the US. However, later when Donald Trump became President, both met at the president Trump invitation and they discussed on some common topics about supporting each other.



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