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How to find a reliable airport pickup service in Manila?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable airport pickup service? I know there is Uber and the like, but after 24h of traveling I would rather not be dependent on the battery of my smartphone and just have someone to bring me from the airport to my BGC.

Ann Millendez: Matthew

Gemma Espiritu Aldama: Andrew James Dantes

Edmond Dantès: I highly recommend Jorivim Transport Gebana

Rhea Gebana: Jorivim Transport also pre-arrange transport. Email or send a message thru fb.

Madaline D. T. Lee: Grab has a booth and they book for you… If your landing at terminal 1 I think, NAIA, its at #7.. Ask around for the grab booth… I always take that…

Rahul R Nair: Get a cab from the Grab booth, it is reliable, they have it all the three terminals of naia. Not sure of terminal 4

Gee Blanco: Just go to the fixed rate booth. No lines no hidden fees always available 500 pesos to bgc

Resty Flores: The above options ooooorr once you find friends here, ask them to have u picked up 🙂 😉 goodluck

George Osborne: Tried & Trusted

Sherry Wafa: Where is the grab booth at naia 3? We couldnt find it n had to que 1 hr for the fixed rate taxi

Marius Carax: Thank you for all the great suggestions! 🙂

Ian Franzy: When are you bound sir. Il have my driver pick you yp

Bob Millin: Go up to departures and get a metered taxi dropping someone off. Some will refuse the fare if theyre not headed your way. Otherwise get the flat rate p500 white cabs. Grab booth is best but not sure if its at every terminal, and you may have to wait a while for the driver

جايدي دي ليما: pm sent sir

Cristina Tuason-Gonzalez: TGR Car Rental

Jake Marren: I provide. Private transport services. But its more security based if thats something your interested in PM me

Ashley Michele Love: If staying in a hotel, they normally have a service you can arrange.

Ramonito Pamintuan: Wise decision. Just make sure it is not as expensive as the airport shuttle taxis

Ish Reyes: There is always charging station in the aiport. I believe uber is still the safest and the cheapest. I can give you a lift if im free. 🙂


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