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What is a good salary as a foreigner living in Manila?

Hello, Is 60,000 php a good salary for a foreigner living in Manila? Will I be able to live comfortably? Thank you for any suggestions/ recommendation!

Brooks Estrada: If you want to live in poverty then I guess you will be enjoying life. I would not be happy or content on 60k.. maybe double that might give you a comfortable life style. But your just getting by and that’s no FUN… GL

Lorelai Wilson: 60k… Poverty. What

Lorelai Wilson: Not everyone has to pay girlfriend

Brooks Estrada: I don’t pay girlfriend I just like having a life.. sorry for your small amount of income go ahead and be happy. But it’s not enough for me to live on and be happy.. and I’m not changing how I feel about 60k is chump changed…

Lorelai Wilson: Brooks Estrada: I make more than 60k but don’t spend more than that. I don’t think I live in poverty.

Jayleen Boyd: 60K peso is just 1200usd, its mean u will be saw more lower than filipino into philippines society, you are foreigner dont work for peanuts only cause you wanna stay in philippines

Max Owens: There are a lot of ppl in Germany they have not more and it works even there.I have 170k every month and spend only 60k of it. It’s possible if you don’t behave like f*** social climber too posh to take a jeep instead of a taxi or spend your money to cheap girls and booze every night at Burgos.

Jayleen Boyd: Mike the question if is good to sacrifice to live abroad far from your family , friends, your roots, for just 1000 euro, and survive with those amount , and pay attention even to get sick or what u eat if you dont wanna over your monthly budget. But ok if you can live like a filipino you can do, but we are western with differents habits and life standard.

Max Owens: Jayleen Boyd: most if the western I know are just social climbers and wouldn’t live like they do here in their own countries.And you don’t have to live like a Filipino if you only spend 200 to 300 P for food per day. Btw. I was only sick once. It was after going for a pizza

Max Owens: And its bad to hear that you don’t have friends here. Maybe you should go to local places. Its easy to make friends there if you respect their culture, maybe speak a little bit Tagalog to impress and getting local friends you can count on.

Jayleen Boyd: I live in Yangon 😊

Max Owens: Jayleen Boyd: then I can’t see not any problem.

Leah Wilkins: Getting friends is easy here..

Adrianna Gross: Come on, not all expats earn more than $1500 in Manila. Hahahahaha! This I know by experience handling individual taxes. 🙄

Jayleen Boyd: Im not talking about digital nomads or teachers or call center job, the category i mention is about managers executive with specific skills 😊 where you can get up to 4 or 5K USD

Max Owens: Oh, Teachers have no specific skills? That’s different in my Homecountry!

Adrianna Gross: No, I’m talking about IT specialists and consultants. Teachers? They earn less, multilinguals? Less!

Jayleen Boyd: Teachers work in asian country are not really skilled as in europe or USA. Mostly in asia,work without any bachelor only with some TOEFL or CELTA certificate, if you look foreigners teachers in country like thailand malaysia china or philippines you will see how much they earn and how they are views into the local society.

Max Owens: Jayleen Boyd: not at the Business Academy I worked for. Maybe that’s the reason that 70% of the students pass

Jayleen Boyd: Infact i said mostly, im not here to generalize , as i know there also some very skilled teacher foreigners have good position in important asian university. But are not many, as mostly they work in secondary school, in high school, so you will see tha…See More

Lennon Greer: Depends on your lifestyle 🙂

Allison Banks: not comfy….for that you need 250k

Max Owens: There is not even 30% of the whole Population in Germany with a salary of 250k and they are living over there. Want to say 70% of the Germans living like the poor? Stupid Nonsens

Nolan Roy: A basic but comfortable unfurnished condo in Salcedo would cost about that. In BGC they are about 180k per month. As a family with one child we spend about over 300k per month in rent, gas, electricity, helpers, school fees and all of the other random expenses that are always coming up.As a single person living off of local food and renting a room you may be able to do it but I think that if you’re used to western living it’d be tough doing it in Manila on less than about 150 – 200k.

Charlie Christensen: I rent a furnished studio for 23,000 in Salcedo Village.

Nolan Roy: Thats a good price. A friend was renting across the road from the American club last year and his place was 60k and still fairly basic.

Lilith Reeves: Minimum is around 100-120k. For real comfortable living is 200k and above

Maggie Byrd: Yes that are the American..for a good job as philippino your income is between 28k and 80k. You can easy live here but if you want to live on a american wayy and have nice condo ..No!!Your income has nothing to do that you are a foreigner.I was a professor and had the same income as philippino.

April Floyd: If 60k was for like 6 months before you got a real salary you could manage it but don’t move here that amount.

Kenneth Huff: I agree , as an entry to get u here with no rent to pay let’s say, yeah could be worth a calculated. My advice would be once u sussed it all out , start your own thing ! 😎

Everett Boyd: NO

Holly Castillo: Try your luck doubling it at any of the casinos. 😊😊

April Floyd: If you have or plan on having kids, a good international school will cost you $15-20k a year

Ashton Ford: That much??? My God! 🙁

Maggie Byrd: Why an international school.Schools are ok it depends of the student…and yes it will come out if they can study on the university …To do that private is good

April Floyd: Maggie Byrd: I think it’s more about the curriculum … I doubt local schools offer things like international baccalaureate etc

Kayden Garcia: Will you be able to live comfortably? Absolutely. Is it a good salary? No.

Justin Fleming: Yes

Hazel Lynch: If you do not buy a lot of things, no kids to feed its enough

Kelsey Hogan: Renting for a condo near your work and living above your capacity/salary. I doubt that would be enough. But if you know how to manage and you live alone that’s enough imo

Gloria Harrington: You’d do ok in the provinces, think you’ll be uncomfortable in the city

Maggie Byrd: There are too much foreighners who want to live in Asia on a western style go out spend money in good restaurants bars etc. etc. .If you try to live and learn on a asian way you have less of stress about enough money available…but it depends also what kind of partner you have😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😊

Daleyza Goodman: NO!!!

Olivia Houston: Hi where are these jobs in Manila that have a 60,000 salary

Juliette Flores: Every Executive chef of an hotel has already plus 150k.Call center if you speak several languages also plus 75k.If you are in higher operational management also plus 100k…See More

Justin Fleming: Alone YES

Leslie Duncan: Dag. . . I cant even live on 100k with rent paid

Aubree Stone: You can do online or direct selling on the side. I have the one & only organic local product.

April Floyd: They sell organic products at rustans

Max Owens: April Floyd: why should someone be so crazy to go to rustans if you can get better quality products for only 1/10 of the price at a local market?

Aubree Stone: Maybe Im the supplier to that company ig it is Messt Bessy. My prod can be infused in any water based product for humans & all animals. Thanks for your comment.

April Floyd: Aubree Stone: I didn’t see that one but they have organic vegetables.

April Floyd: Max Owens: convenience. The Poblacion palengke is pretty gross. I wouldn’t eat from there.

Aubree Stone: Right I have the lowest price anywhere in the world. It is 100% Philippine made for dealers & exporters!

Aubree Stone: Mine is a disinfectant & deodorizer only.

Aubree Stone: Wet markets dirty, too much bacteria! 😠

Aubree Stone: Rustan’s is the most expensive grocery & dept store.

Max Owens: Aubree Stone: do you ever saw a kitchen like at Jolly Bee or Kentucky from inside.Btw. the meat you got there is days old before they sell it. 😉

Aubree Stone: OMG! That is shocking!!!

April Floyd: Max Owens: at least it’s in a fridge 😂 can’t say the same for the market with all the flies crawling on it

Aubree Stone: April Floyd: and worms yuck!

Max Owens: April Floyd: Its only that you don’t see it becsuse the fkys have been on your fridge food before too. But days ago

April Floyd: Max Owens: ignorance is bliss I guess

Aubree Stone: Yes. Where are you both from?

April Floyd: New Zealand / Rockwell

Aubree Stone: That’s nice. I’ve never been there. My family us Filipino/Canadian. W/ 3 adult girls in Toronto.

Evelyn Edwards: No way

Kinley Robertson: Depends on your lifestyle

Josue Reynolds: Of course you can live if your living alone and know the right way of budgeting.

Thomas Mack: If you want to maintain western standards, then Metro Manila is like many metropolitan business districts. Multiply your figure x3 to maintain or add another zero to live cushy.

Ana Franklin: Yes, you can. For one person is more than enough! Rental (condo in Makati/bgc)=25k; Utilities (electricity, water, internet)=4k; groceries=8k; Entertainment=4k; GYM 4k.You can live comfortably with 45k per month. Don’t listen to someone that spends 60k in entertainment, you can have a lot of fun under a normal budget! A beer costs you 70 php, a nice meal in a restaurant 500 php, cinema 400 php, Starbucks 160 php, Grab (taxi) from the airport to BGC 250 php, Grab from BGC to Makati 180 php…Besides that, If your employer will provide your rental, 60k is a very good salary, go for it and good luck.

Lauryn Foster: Is that net? Or gross?

Meredith Casey: If u are alone, yes you can the main issue is the rent .so depending on which part of the city you decide to live in. If not alone then,then I don’t think 60 k is good enough. Not demoralizing you, but good Medical facilities are quite expensive here. But also agree what Ana Franklin: wrote the budget for a single person . It’s quite manageable

Jenna Francis: It´s ok. Rent is high in Manila though. You might have to spend have of your salary for it.

Maggie Maldonado: If you are not getting 2,500 a month in manila you qill not survive

Maggie Byrd: Well then you dont know how to spend your dollars better stay in that USA

April Floyd: If 60k is what your skills are worth then accept it and learn to live with it. If your time and expertise are worth more then wait for a better offer. It doesn’t really matter what one person thinks they can live on or not just make sure you are getting paid correctly.

Jennifer Robinson: Way low….It costs me more to live here than it does to live in Hawaii USA the most expensive state.

Rebecca Duncan: we only use 45 000 pesos and we rent eat and support the parents 🙂 so still 15 000 left for amusement lol

Delaney Brewer: yes I believe you most have a very high standard of living,on our community you are with about 500 dollars a month

Rebecca Duncan: Delaney Brewer: yes i really dont understand the people here we have a good life rent a bungalow 100 m2 – 2 bedrooms its cheap because subdivision if you go living in Manila of course its higher rent its like all around the world if you would rent in the Capital so telling alot sh… here and we eat like in my country 3 x times i smoke but i dont drink and not every day restaurant 🙂 and we save alot every month

Delaney Brewer: Rebecca Duncan: yes They need bars and drinks because they do not know what to do all day long

Juliette Flores: Rebecca Duncan: it all depends if you have children who go to school you pay already a lot if you want decend education. Also you are retired, big difference if you work like me. You can live in Provence, Manny of us working in the city so need to live nearby. So again it all depends on your personal situation if 60K is enough. For me sure not

King Austin: Depends on your living style, if you’re renting don’t rent a condo, but a regular apartment and don’t live near pubs and malls 🙂 practical living

Alison Wright: How much amusement can you have for 280 USD/15000 Pesos. I belive one of the reasons it is more expensive for foreingers is our food habits. We eat and drink more imported food than average philippinos. My self: I am a cheese lover. I can not live without, Brie, Cammenber, Gordon Blue, Edamer, Gauda etc etc. I also like Spanish and Italian Ham, liver pate, caviar and proper bred. Not the white loaf with sugar you get here. Imported red meet from Australia, New Zealand and Argentina comes with a hefty price tag to. Same does the Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese, Australian, South African red and white wine.

Rebecca Duncan: of course you must make offers sometimes otherwise stay at home lol

Delaney Brewer: I can and want to do without that, the Filipino food is very good and a huge selection

Jennifer Robinson: And USDA ….. All imports 2 to 3 times more expensive here. Local standards in food quality are very low.

Delaney Brewer: I am amazed how many spoiled people live in the Philippines I have everything I need, i need nothing from abroad.

Alison Wright: Actually I have a issue with the local food here. I love asian food especially thai food, but I find the philippine food tasteless and full of fat, oil and sugar. So for me it is costly to buy proper imported food without all the dangerous additives …See More

Alison Wright: Why do you think you are fat and I am slim

Delaney Brewer: Alison Wright: bikos i am ad this in switzerland

Killian Henry: 60k .. depends on your lifestyle but DEFINITELY NOT expat lifestyle

Ariana Richardson: Depends what you’re used to. I was repatriated on same / better wage that i had in Europe so php 60k seems low. If you’re with an international company with an ROHQ, you can get much much more (tax is high now though)

Alison Wright: One of my best friends here a fellow citizen of Norway, told me he struggle to live here on his 180.000 pesos pension

Olivia Houston: I am not on 60,000(wish I was) I have a wife and a baby (innoculations 4,000 a month) I don’t live directly in Manila expat area, I eat out, my fridge is full, I have cable and Internet, and have money left over, so I guess it’s about whether you want to live like an expat or more like a local

Alison Wright: Olivia Houston: If you live like a local, you die young as a local

Olivia Houston: Alison Wright: i don’t eat like a local, but I live in a more local area, commuting to work via trike and jeepney doesn’t bother me, so I know where to spend and not to spend

Olivia Houston: My grocery is 10,000 and I eat pretty much as I would in U.K.

Alison Wright: To rent or buy is not the high cost factor. The food is. I eat and and drink as I was in Norway. Norway and UK can not be compared. Average salary in UK is under half of what it is in Norway. You can not compare us. We have totally different preferences.

Alison Wright: UK is not a 3rd world country, but very close. So much poverty there.

Olivia Houston: I dont think Philippines is classed as 3rd world anymore, but UK close to being 3rd world!?! Really!?!

Delaney Brewer: Olivia Houston: I am 34 years in the Philippines there are many expats who would like to be in the fb you can see nothing,if they make themselves important in the FB Trym Macatingos Alison Wright:we spend a lot of money on our food and use only the best, for example, our tiger eats meat worth 90,000 pesos a month and we have another 120 animals on the side

Alison Wright: Olivia Houston: I was not referring to the Philippines, I was referring to UK. Off course the Philippines is better than foggy, rainy UK

Olivia Houston: Alison Wright: You excel at being stereotypical

Kynlee Casey: Oh god no. Do you have kids? Maybe if you are single and live like a local? But definitely not comfortable.

Olivia Houston: I have a baby not single and dont live like a local and live comfortably

Kynlee Casey: This is an article by the National Economic Development Authority that says a family of 4 in the PH need at least 120K gross salary per month to life comfortably. So as a single person, 60k would be ok. But definitely not ok if you have a kid.
NEDA: Pinoy household needs P120K a mo. for a ‘simple, comfortable’ life

Alison Wright: Delaney Brewer: Yes they live. But what kind of a life do they live. They struggle to survive.

Alison Wright: The problems here is that the business owners take advantage of cheap labour and the authorities do nothing to change it. They just pretend to do something. It is good for the rich to keep the poor down

Alison Wright: Delaney Brewer: I am from Norway and minimum wage is around 1000 pesos pr. hour. Do not tell me what I do to deserve my salary

Alison Wright: No I am not rich. I am middle class norwegian

Alison Wright: In norway both husbound and wife work full time. Most families has around 6,5 million pesos a year in salary. That provide a normal life

Alison Wright: To have a nice life in Manila you need at least half of that. My tiger is bigger than yours 🙂

Alison Wright: You need to be a Rambo to survive in the urban jungle

John Puryear:

Gabriel Knight: Php 60,000 per month is not gonna get you much in Metro Manila.Not especially if your a parent!For a single person it might work however it is very very tight lifestyle as you’d have to calculate living expenses such as rent will be estimated at least 25k per month for a studio.Food will be depending what kind of food you eat or how much food you eat but you’d be looking at AT LEAST 3,000 per week grocery without eating out, then there’s transportation which for taxis got flat rate minimum of 40 pesos.. normally it will cost you minimum of 100 pesos to go anywhere really…So, that’s somewhat just the obvious of expenses…So, to answer the question.60,000 salary is not good enough

Magnolia Norman: 60k if u live outside makati maybe its enough

Thiago Cannon: 60k should be decent, maybe even good depending on your lifestyle and your housing situation. Most Filipino in management positions don’t even make that much. I’m coming from Venice Beach where a crappy studio starts at 2k USD so most places I travel to are cheaper. All depends on someone’s perspective.

Magnolia Norman: You got that right sir

Vivienne Simpson: If your housing is covered, 60k is plenty. If housing is not included, it’s not enough, or just barely enough.I have spent 50k/mo including housing while living in here on some months. Excluding housing, that’s 30k/mo, which also was enough to cover occasionally going out to eat and having drinks with friends.Some of the amounts people are throwing out there for minimum figures are absolutely astounding. 180k/mo minimum? Crazy.

The major wallet killer for most expats is going out for drinks. My advice is to stick to the places with cheap drinks if you can. There are places charging as low as 40 pesos for one beer, and others which charge up to 300. At 6 beers, that adds up to 240 for one venue, and 1800 at another. If you go out twice a week, that’s a difference of 12k. In reality it will be higher when you factor in late night food and other stuff. Might be hard to find 40 peso beers in Manila, but you can find 70 peso ones easily enough.Just look for value and don’t spend like a drunken sailor and you’ll be alright. You can get decent meals for 100 pesos in food courts or places like mang inasal. Better if you can cook at home, but if you’re too tired, there’s options.

Nolan Roy: Too true. A friend of my partner invited us for a meal the other week. Cheapest beer 480 cheapest wine 550 and cheapest starter was 500 and main course meal 950. For both of us that was 6000 gone in a few hours.They all like places with good food, wine and ambiance so it’s hard to say no, even if it’s extortion.

Vivienne Simpson: Plenty of places with excellent food for 400/meal, and many which allow you to buy bottles of wine at the venue for 700. Some will also have unli wine deals for ~500./3 hours. Hard to justify anything beyond that in my opinion.Though mea culpa, there have been plenty of times I’ve gone out with friends only to come home 4k poorer at the end of the night.

Meredith Casey: Agree. Manila offers everything.Budget to luxury.its the way how you want to live. Ppl who are quoting 180 k , their lifestyle will be different and essential for them.but there are ppl also who are living nicely and happily here ,way below that cost a…See More

Bradley Russell: Around 100K without any expenses covered is a key figure to be very comfortable. Remember, working visa, apartment/condo and insurances are gonna dig in to your wallet. If some or all of these expenses are covered – you will be fine.

Maggie Byrd: Why a condo you can easy rent a house in the province forax of 5000ph

April Floyd: Considering she says she is getting a salary it seems safe to assume she has a job in the city … unless you are suggesting a commute of several hours each way adding to the traffic problem here in Manila

Maggie Byrd: April Floyd: philipina salary how much?? long

April Floyd: Maggie Byrd: read her original post. Is 60k salary enough to live comfortably in Manila for a foreigner?

Maggie Byrd: April Floyd: If you want to live in expensive places no…if you can live more on the philippino way… yes you real can live easy

April Floyd: So many factors to consider really. Single or family? An example is Insurance requirements – for my household these run at 18k a month already.

Brooks Estrada: The province is about as boring as a girl who won’t perform..

Maggie Byrd: Yes if you always go out eating drink drink go to the mall I live here at Puerto Galera and join my patner to the family parties eat bbq on the street. Singing at the house or videoke bar etc

Brooks Estrada: Maggie Byrd: all my family girl did was leech off me to the point. I had to get away just to have piece of mind. And take them away from there vacation status. If you enjoy taking care of everyone I guess it’s okay… Enjoy your life Pieter that’s what it’s all about.. keep smiling.

Maggie Byrd: Brooks Estrada: 😀😀😀😀

Maggie Byrd: Brooks Estrada: i prefer to live as much as i can on the philipino style …tomorrow is another day😀😀😀

Alison Wright: Maggie Byrd: Puerto Galera is a boring place. I have been there one time. Both me and my PH wife was very disapointed. Not even a decent place to buy food. White Beach was also a turn off, hidden behind a lot of squatter.

Maggie Byrd: Brooks Estrada: I live on my boat and dont need a restaurant and i think you can better go back with your wife to your country because if a philipina dont like to stay at white beach then she is very riched 😊😊😊

Alison Wright: Many nice beaches in the Philippines. But white beach outside P. Galera is not one of them. Have you seen the scary squatter you have to walk trough to get there. Better to charter a yacht or a helicopter that can take you out to the unspoiled beache…See More

Maggie Byrd: Alison Wright: What you say is not true its not alowed 😊😊😊

Maggie Byrd: Maggie Byrd: But please stay away there are all kind of good places here i know them😀😀

Brooks Estrada: Alison Wright: hard to find the happy medium here in the Philippines.. for me it’s angeles the only downside is not beach. But it works a person budget is the limit … always something to do if that’s your choice which the province does not offer.. home sweet home. I’m smiling too … 🙂

Alison Wright: Maggie Byrd: Everything can be arranged if you are willing to pay the price

Maggie Byrd: Brooks Estrada: Yes nice and very luxery perhaps you lived poor in your country😀😀

Maggie Byrd: Brooks Estrada: Yes but thats its all around the world and that luxery live is sooo boring for me also most of the people who live there and special those phillipina who only want to show…im riche😀😀😀😀

Brooks Estrada: No not really just a little luckier the most. And of course hard working and saving money to make the move a reality…

Vivienne Simpson: I thought white beach in PG was pretty cool. Cheap and decent lodging, good selection of cheap food including BBQ and western dishes, many bars and shisha, fire dancing, availability of tours. Only major downside is the persistent vendors trying to sell you bracelets/tours/etc.

Maggie Byrd: Brooks Estrada: to sell things on the street or beach is normal in Asia South America Africa India etc. etc.

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Magnolia Norman: When in rome, do as the romans do.

Caden Hines: i say 100k minimum for foreigner per month. would be more comfortable at 120k so youre not living month to month.


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