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Shopping in Manila

You must have heard the famous saying “shop till you drop” and that exactly applies to Manila.Manila, a shopper’s dream place is known for its shopping malls and a wide range of shopping choices. It is a place where you can afford things that are in your tight budget. Manila houses big malls with well-known branded products as well as markets with local bargains. However, be it the malls or the markets, the place is a delight for a shopper. There are giant malls which are world famous. Though the brands and shops are similar in most malls, the ambiance and layout of every mall are different. It is a day out tour if you plan to visit any of these malls.

Are you a traveler and wondering how or where to shop in Manila? Well if so, this is an article for you to read to know the details you are looking for.

1. The SM Malls

The chain of SM malls is world famous. The SM mall of Asia facing the Manila Bay is the third largest in the World. If you are a shopaholic, SM Malls are the right place for you to have a perfect shopping day. They have everything in one place. You can drink your morning coffee, walk around the various shops, catch up with breakfast. Shop for various accessories and clothes as they have the best brands. Have a luxurious lunch, walk around and relax in gaming area or with a hairstylist. Go to a cinema of your choice. These malls are excellent choice to spend a day doing everything under one roof.


2. Glorietta and Greenbelt

The G and G shopping complexes of Makati in Manila is popular for shopping. It is one of the tourist attraction although the prices are higher than the SM malls. Foreigners and business people are the ones who are most seen here as the place is surrounded by expensive five-star hotels and it is located in the heart of the Manila’s financial center. Looking for an expensive gift to someone close to you? This is the place you should not miss.

3. Divisoria and 168

If you are traveling on a budget and yet want to have a good shopping experience while in Manila, you should visit the Divisoria and 168 shopping area. These are local, flea market where you can find some of the best affordable prices, for items that are needed for daily life. Be it kitchen items, undergarments and work clothes for daily life, shoes, fabrics, designer knockoffs, and much more. You can find items as low as $US 1. But like any other flea markets watch out the huge crowd and pick-pocketers. Especially shop smart if you are not a localite.

4. Trinoma the Triangle North

The Trinoma is the short name for the Triangle North of Manila and its shopping complex is known for its affordable prices. Although SM malls are World famous for its architecture and built, Trinoma is an exact opposite.Trinoma is also spread over a large area but has a landmark departmental store. The store offers a wide range of items for a much lesser price compared to any other shopping malls in Manila. If you are looking to buy something in specific and looking for a simple shopping experience, then this the place you should be heading to.

Manila is a place known for its shopping complexes and flea markets. People coming from all around the world enjoy the experience here while they also like to relax with wonderful beaches. If you are not a localite, it is always best to know the details about the place where you would like to shop and know the usual range of prices. Be wise, shop smart!!



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