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Where to look for a mountain bike for sale with 21″ bike frame in Manila?


George Mariano: Bicycle World Buendia

Bicycle World
4.0 ★ · $ · Mountain Biking Shop
Buendia Aveue, Pasay City, Philippines

Guadalupe Lagrada: Thanks

Tony Christian Ratcliffe: 21″ is big for a mountain bike and would also be classed as XL. It’d suit someone around 6’2″ upwards. What’s your budget?

Guadalupe Lagrada: Am buying for my boyfriend who is 6ft. Will 19 or 20″ be enough?

Tony Christian Ratcliffe: I’m 6’1″ and feel most comfortable on a 20″ so a 19/20 or Large would be my recommendation and that will also give you more choice as 90% of bikes here in Ph will be medium or smaller. That said though I’ve found that sizing differs between manufacturers especially as the length is more important than the given size (seat tube height) on mountain bikes. For example a Trek 19″ is about the same size as a Giant 17″.It’s a pain. What do you want to spend?

Guadalupe Lagrada: Originally, I was budgeting around P10-15k as we’ll only use it for 5 mos while in Clark. But willing to pay more if necessary.

Tony Christian Ratcliffe: You may get something for that but it’d probably be quite old. I’ve found good bikes are expensive here. 20-30,000 would be where reasonably good stuff starts.The one I’m riding above would be worth about 75-100,000 used and double that new.If you live overseas why not bring one in?

Marion van der Endt: French shop with mountain-bikes:

Guadalupe Lagrada: Thanks!

George Mariano:

Guadalupe Lagrada: Thanks


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