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What agency handles all types of visas in Manila?

Can anyone recommend someone/agency who handles all types of visas? My 82 year old mother is a natural-born Filipino citizen who is a naturalized Swiss citizen now, and returning to the Philippines to retire permanently. She can enter the Philippines for up to one year on arrival, then within that time, can apply for her retirement visa or citizenship again. We need someone/agency to handle this for us. Thanks.

Jon Guntrip: Contact the Philippine Retirement Authority. They will assign a liaison to work with you on a retirement visa and personally assist with every step of the process (application, bank, medical etc). Moreover, very helpful, no lawyers or agencies needed

Philippine Retirement Authority – PRA
Government Organization
29/F Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas, 1200 Makati

Michael Groux: Contact them by website email or phone number?

Jon Guntrip: They are prompt answering phones, unlike most Government organisations here. With email, they typically reply within a few days. They’ll be able to tell you the requirements needed before your mother travels to Phil (some documents may been to be notarised in the country of origin) and advise on what retirement visa type is best suited to your needs. In fairness, they are very good and genuinely want to help.

Karen Vogelsang: You don’t need a retirement visa for your mother. Although I agree that the Philippine Retirement Authority is great, thst visa involves bringing in capital which can only be either kept in a bank account or invested in some real estate properties (last time I checked).

Technically you probably don’t need An agency to deal with immigration but as your mother is 82 years old, you probably don’t want her sitting in long queues at the BID waiting for the various processes. But I would take a look at their website for the process involved, or ask them through their FB page as they are quite prompt about replying there. If it is not too complicated and you gave the time to do it for her, I would just do it myself as it will definitely be cheaper and faster. Otherwise, if I am not mistaken there is a list of accredited agencies/lawyers on the immigration website too.

Michael Groux: Thanks everyone. We’re just going to do dual citizenship. It’s easier. We don’t want to tie up money in a Filipino bank account haha

Nikki Wilkerson: AngelesTravel GT will know people for this. They handle travel, but since they’re located in Angeles, they know who to work with for all visas. They’re the go-to place for these type of issues

Michael Groux: I know AC. Do they have a website or phone number you could send me?

Mike Reyes:

Novie Bernadette:…/application-for…

Novie Bernadette: Apply for re-acquisition much cheapef than retirement visa. All IATA member travel agencies in the metro can arrange for that as they are accredited with the Bureau of Immigration.

Anki Soler: If shes natural born I believe she just needs to go to BID and take an oath for dual citizenship

Michael Groux: What’s BID?

Anki Soler: Bureau of immigration

Michael Groux: Haha got that

Anki Soler: Of course with all the valid requirements i.e birth certificate etc

Michael Groux: I can apply for the certificate from SM Mall. With all her information. And of course I bought the relation letter. Then I will receive it in a few weeks. I think

SM Bowling Mall of Asia
4.4 ★ · $ · Bowling Alley
SM MOA, Pasay City, 1308 Pasay City, Philippines

Anki Soler: Michael Groux i think the NSO or National Statistics Office Birth certificate is ordered online or thru phone, quite efficient i hear

Jemaimai Carlos: She needs to REACQUIRE it , signing document and taking an oath

Ray McShane: Most agencies are just ripoffs

Dave Martin: Michael Groux – if you don’t want to go it alone and want someone who won’t rip you off and will sort everything out for you – let me know.

Dustin Smart: After she arrives, she will get a Balikbayan stamp good for 1 year.Just go to Intramuros Immigration main office and ask them at tue information counter. They will help her, and guide in the proper direction, especially a returning filipina Senior citizen will be treated with respect.

Maève Venus: If your mom is naturally born in the Philippines then she is considered Filipino citizen even she got her Swiss citizen. She just need to go to the Philippine Embassy along with her birth certificate that document prove that she is a Filipino Citizen and bring her old Filipino passport as well, when she apply for her dual. She just need to show that to the immigration when she enters the Philippines. I’m American citizen and I just got my Filipino citizenship last year and when I entered the Philippines and just showed them my Filipino passport as I entered the country.

Michael Groux: I’m American too… American-Swiss… And I want to get my triple citizenship again. So I can do the same as my mother is doing?

Maève Venus: Michael I think you still can just the same process as the last time since you used the word “again” so you used t have three citizenship. I don’t think that will be a problem.

Michael Groux: Maève Venus I used to have three. Now only 2 but I’d like to get my Filipino passport again. But my mother only HD​Switzerland and she gave up her USA residency. I PMed u

Juliette Kwee: If ever you still need more information regarding PRA, please let us know:

Ro Berto: Speak to Robert James or Paul Ebi , they should be able to help on your inquiry and at a very competitive rate!

Marwena Anewor: Bureau of Immigration has the new rule on citizenship as well reacquisition for returning citizens but best to ask the immigration lawyer in Tolentino Law Office located here in BGC…its in the building where Bureau of internal revenue is, near to JP Morgan. All shuttle buses pass there.

Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines
Government Organization
intramuros manila, 1002 Manila, Philippines


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