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How much a fair priced full sleeve and half sleeve tattoo in Manila?

Ronnel Romasanta:

P&P tattoo
4.7 ★ · Tattoo & Piercing Shop

Jonalyn Abad Clemente: Highly recommended P&P

Kerstin Roy: My boyfriend is tattoo artist and has free slots. I think he asks for 20k (half sleeve). We’re based in Poblacion, Makati. Feel free to drop me a line – I’ll connect you.

Ish Apple: 15-20k for half sleeve

Ish Apple:

MarieAnn Hirsch: Jeff Masujer will give you a friendly price, 10k for haft sleeves for sure.. I got mine and I’m full body tattoo by him.. Great artist as my friends always say 😁

Derek Harrison: The best artwork I’ve personally seen on people done in the Philippines is without a doubt from the 55 tinta shop in Quezon city. The pieces I have seen were very well done. In my opinion it’s worth the trip through traffic. I have not personally got work done from them yet so can’t say what their price would be. I do however highly recommend you at least look into them.

Fiftyfive Tinta Pilipinas
4.7 ★ · $$ · Tattoo & Piercing Shop
2F Luisa Bldg 107 Maginhawa St UP Village QC, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines

Baldugan Martial Arts: You can ask this guy, martial artist n tattoo artist at the same time… Regalado Nik …

LeiLanie Lu:…

VibeHive Band Studio, Tattoo Shop, Vape hub and Burgers
5.0 ★ · Music Production Studio
23 Champaca street, Pingkian Village 2, Zone 3 Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City, Philippines

Francis Varga:

P&P tattoo

4.2 ★ · $ · Tattoo & Piercing Shop

45 Polaris Street, 1210 Makati

Aivanni Ferisja: Kiyo Tawara – Classic Tattooing

Kiyo Tawara – Classic Tattooing


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