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What is the fastest way to send money to Philippines from USA?

Rob Frey:

Money Transfer – Send Money Online | Xoom, a PayPal Service

Marcin Goldner-Lubaszewski:

Money Transfer – Send Money Online | WorldRemit

Joanna Magdaleine Tupaz: Have you used this before? I just tried using this and my payment got processed. Then while I’m waiting for the tracking number. I received an email saying my account has been disabled. What should I do?

Marcin Goldner-Lubaszewski: Weird, using it constantly and never had problems. If you open account you should be able to choose money pick up , bank deposit etc. You can send to your self as well… 3$ per transaction and great exchange rate way better than others. Cash can be picked up in bank or hulliers within seconds from transfer.

Joanna Magdaleine Tupaz: Do they immediately send you a tracking number after transaction is processed?

Daniel B Hunt: Joanna Magdaleine Tupaz I had the same thing happen to me the first time I used Xoom. They may just want you to call them and verify your information personally in order to make sure everything is ok. I did this with xoom and all was cleared up over the phone. After the first time I experienced no problems.

Marcin Goldner-Lubaszewski: Yes, tracking number is sent straight away

Jemaimai Carlos: Joanna Magdaleine TupazThey will verify you first ,

De Guzman Maricel: Western

Marc Delvin Coloma: Western Union

Uchiha Mark: Hi

Mark Fox: Road runner…beep beep…

Roni Chavez: Transferwise

Karl Navarra: Use cryptocurrency

Xris Nginx: PayPal

Norlie Landas: Western Union

Serge Marc: Western union

Ania Dorota Daliva: Money Gram or Western Union

Ricci Rich: Westernunion

Shawn Townsend: Fastest or best way ? It all depends on how much. Zoom and a lot are doing conversions at 50/1 so you lose 2 pesos per $1 so if you’re sending $5000 US you would lose 10,000 pesos in conversion. Wire transfer USD is best for conversion rate

Daniel B Hunt: Banks will take more than that just on the rounding down on exchange rates.

Shawn Townsend: Daniel B Hunt no the banks are at 51.79 I just send a large amount over a couple days ago

David Holman: Remitely do a no fee deal on first transfer.

Amren Dugan: Western is expensive..

Shiella-Marco Villanueva: Ff

Allen Wee: Abra

Shawn Townsend: Everyone here pretty much is talking fees but the main concern is conversion rates. If a company is only giving 50/1 and you’re sending $3000 US then you’re actually paying 6000 pesos in money lost

Javy Gimenez: transferwise or cryptocurrency

Shawn Townsend: I have crypto but what filipino platform can you sell it on that is good ?

Javy Gimenez:

Shawn Townsend: I’ve been trying to figure that out because I hold a lot of crypto and think that’s the future in sending money worldwide

Javy Gimenez: i agree

Shawn Townsend: Thanks I’ll look into them 👍

Javy Gimenez: open account…transfer some butcoin to ur wallet address..transfer to ur ph bank..done

Shawn Townsend: I’ll look into it and see what the give per transaction fee and all.

Javy Gimenez: use litecoin if u want low fees..bitcoin will most probably have higher fees

Shawn Townsend:…Remitly and zoom are low to mid 50’s

Mike Papadopoulos: $7.99 up to $6500 instant transfer DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION!!! Worst service ever.

Ira Eijkelenboom: Western Union

Daniel B Hunt:


Scott Amos: On a boat

Erich Gonsalez: Wester union

Navin Lalwani: Western union

Joshua Schrutt: MoneyGram use your checking account only $4 gets there in 5 minutes

Rob Frey: Western Union was extremely pricey when I used them last. Shop around….

Celine Pustanes Demiao: Western union is the faster one much better if bank to bank transfer and more cheaper too.

Jemaimai Carlos: Western union po

Mike Papadopoulos: Why are so many people recommending Western Union? They are expensive and will make the receiving party jump through hoops to get access to their money.

Jemaimai Carlos: Thats because she is asking the “fastest way” not the cheapest way so when you send your money from abroad through western union the recipient can get it in few minutes and of course the fastest the service you need to pay bigger charges

Mike Papadopoulos: Jemaimai Carlos How is that any different than MoneyGram, Paypal, or Xoom? All of those services take less than 5 minutes to transfer money to the Philippines

Jemaimai Carlos: Mike Papadopoulos It is because WESTERN UNION is not that hassle to deal with just give the money and ID thats it and this small form.Then there u go.Udont need to wait days , the benificiary can get it straight away.Unlike in PAYPAL or XOOM etcetera etcetera you need to give your BANK CARD DETAILS Ior ATM CARD to connect it to PAYPAL, too hassle if it will be your first time. You need to also wait for verification that takes more time.The others ,if it is your first time you need to wait days to be approved first like 1-3 days.FILIPINOS have still the attitude not all but for some are hesitated to use their BANK CARD in anY TRANSACTION ONLINE because of PHISING and SCAM. Thats why in the PHILIPPINES mostly of establishments there are not accepting card. But if you are going to ask me I use online but still a bit nervous

Jemaimai Carlos: Mike PapadopoulosYou can send money to those estab easy But it will take days to be available in the account

Mike Papadopoulos: Jemaimai Carlos With all due respect, I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

Hazel Yamazaki: World remit ?

Dean Fowles: I use transferwise

Marj Garcia: Maybe TransferWise?

Jemaimai Carlos: Hi how fast is it?

Marj Garcia: Mine was the next day after the transaction.

Jemaimai Carlos: Marj GarciaThanks so it is like LCC here

Arlee Del Rosario: RIA money transfer…higher exchange rate and low fees than WU..and it remits in 5 seconds

Cristina Dupaya: remitly. you can use your credit card plus 54/$1. send me a private message, I’ll explain it to you.

Cristina Dupaya: just click the link.. also, free transfer fee.

Send Money to the Philippines with Remitly

Rose Ann Delia Rosal: Western union, send money in minutes

Rose Ann Delia Rosal: Dont worry about the charge, the most impt your money is safe..

Amor B. Almario: Iremit

David Kessel:

Send money online with Remitly faster with great exchange rates and low…

Dustin Smart: Remitly or Xoom are fast–the money available within minutes. Transferwise requires a peso account in the Philippines and it is the best overall cost and exchange rate, but it takes 2-5 days for the money to be available.

Suan R Sales Suan: Western union

Andrew Montgomery Lao: Through me

Bryan Gatchalian: Xoom or telegraphic transfer via boa-bdo

Bryon Wood: Ok living here in Philippines can I send money to myself with my debit card through an exchange and where do I do this in the Manila area . Actually Sapang Palay or San Jose del Monte Bulacan

Scott Rhodes: We use Walmart money service. In seconds. Only 8.00

Bryon Wood: I live here in Philippines so need somewhere that I can use here to send to me here

Scott Rhodes: Bryon Wood oh. Sorry. Only been there few times till I retire

Mona Monserate:

Money Transfer – Send Money Online | Xoom, a PayPal Service

Jemaimai Carlos: Gano po kabilis matanggap sa pinas?

Yannie Saledor: Transferwise

Levie Barral: Western union. or xoom

Grace Raxie: Western union

Ed Malabanan Jr.: Western Union

James Croyston: Transferwise

James Carstairs:

Randy R. Gillespie: Remitly is suppose to work real well, I’ve not tried it though so I’m not sure.

Randy R. Gillespie: I do know Western Union works well.

Joanna Magdaleine Tupaz: Has anyone tried western union online? If you have, what are the steps for verification?

Dann Lloyd: I use these guys you can move your limit up to $10k easy and there accepted same as WU ………

Dann Lloyd:

Send money online with Remitly faster with great exchange rates and low…

Anna Fian: Transferwise safe & efficient bank to bank transfer with better rates as well.

Jeff Ocampo: Bitcoin. Use “abra” wAllet. They have US accounts so you can deposit money in a US account then send the bitcoin to the person in the Philippines. Person here can then cash it out via different means but most common are from pawnshops. is also an alternative

Bob Millin: The speed of light


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