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Where to find a helper, needed 3 times a week part time?

Hi i need a helper 3 times x week part time, somebody i can trust… any recommendation? Makati poblacion area.

Exequiel Roque Nalitan: Location?

Massi La Sagna: Makati poblacion

Exequiel Roque Nalitan: Merlisa 46 years old, you may reach her at 09231890414.

Kay Cook: Rora Mendoza hello there, I need a stay in helper and will be so happy if you can recommend one

Love Punzalan Ayco: Hi ma’am Kay Cook I have a cousin if u want I will recommend to u

JD Sivad: Brother my best recommendation is meet them first. Stay at your unit while they clean so they wont steal nothing

Weng Zamboanga: Try to get their employment history and contact their former employers

She Ryl: Hello maam

Irene Bautista Abaiz: Me?

Carlo P Valencia: I made this post recently.. Let me know if you’re interested

Carlo P Valencia is feeling hopeful with Angeline Viray and 3 others.
December 26, 2017
Our helper, Imelda Tibayan is looking for additional work. She prefers to clean houses (or condo units) and iron clothes. She can also do basic cooking was clot…hes and other general work in the household.
She has worked for me and Mai for the past 4 years and I have NO DOUBT SHE IS TRUST WORTHY and very capable
I used to have her clean our place up every 2 weeks cuz I wasn’t making so much but now she comes to my place in Pasig every weekend.
Her rate is normally 500 bucks for about 4 or so hours of work plus transpo (she lives in Muntinlupa).
Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!
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Andre Michael Meer: Janice Balajadia Misa

Janice Balajadia Misa: Tnx 😊


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