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What is the better option to find a place to rent in Manila?

Hello guys. What is the better option to find a place to rent in Manila? I need to see the pics of the places, know the prices and the rental conditions and fees. Salamat sa iyong impormasyon 🇧🇷🇵🇭

Kendra Fields: Well the only option is for you to fly down and visit the places if you would like to get those options done

Maria Holland: As mentioned, nothing like seeing them for yourself and negotiating with landlords/agents face to face.

Brynn Wood: Too many places – too many choices + it all depends on your budget. You have got to see the pads yourself and preferably talk directly with the owners (agents have a tendency to get greedy and screw you over).

Elle Dawson: Thanks. Is there a website where I can search for these places or something like that?

Brynn Wood: If you do a generic search: condos for rent metro Manila or Philippines you would get several sitesBut here ill help you start the hunting
Manila Apartments & Condos For Rent

Elle Dawson: Brynn Wood: thank you so much 🌷

Brynn Wood: De nada ❤

Eduardo Murray: You can try lamudi as well

Elle Dawson: Eduardo Murray: thanks 🌷

Eduardo Murray: You’re welcome 🙂

Charleigh Daniels: Where in manila? I have a unit in makati

Elle Dawson: I still don’t know exactly but probably in Makati

Charleigh Daniels: Elle Dawson: just dm me if you need one. My unit will be available on 15th of may

Charleigh Daniels: Its Avida Towers Makati then price 20k a month all in

Dylan Hammond: Best to stay in an extended stay hotel for 2 – 3 months before choosing a home. There are websites you can go to, but the pictures won’t really show you much. It is really important for you to actually see the location since you might see what looks like a very nice home on the inside, but the location is in a squatters area.

Elle Dawson: Thank you for your opinion Mike.

Aria Palmer: and – Philippines’ #1 Buy and Sell Website

Charles Newton: contact Javier Murphy:, she have an agency and find what i wanted , really serious to compare with the other one !!!

Javier Murphy: Thank you Charles Newton: sweet of you. Yes let me know We can Help you? Pls p.m me or contact directly 09178923379

Ella Miles: It depends with your requirements and price range. Send me a PM. Thank you 😊

Kyle Murray: Airbnb 🙂 if you have the luxury of time, go check the unit yourself.

Dylan Hammond: It’s been suggested many times😂😂

Paul Griffith:
Fully Furnished 1BR Unit in Eastwood City #a000cb4f4


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