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How to get a bank loan for a motorbike in Manila?

Hi is there someone there can recommend a bank where I can get a loan to a motorbike? I have BPI now but they don’t have it for a bike and then It will be a personal loan on 3 years. I want one on 5 years. Hope someone have a tip 🙂

Bradley Adkins: Want to know answer for this also. I think the dealers have their own financing but interest will be way too expensive

Blair Boone: Dealers still uses bank. So the bank sets their policies. Not the dealers. I don’t think any dealers of big bikes would dare shouldering the risk of customer just taking the bike and disappearing

Blair Boone: Their in-house financing is still via banks. It’s not the dealership themselves

Bennett Taylor: try Bank of Makati, RFC finance, Mt Carmel Financing

Owen Daniel: Rcbc bank

$ · Bank
4102 Bacoor, Cavite

Chelsea Powell: You can try the less mainstream banks like eastwest, union, ucpb. Or rural banks like bank of makati, etc

Anthony Cooper: Thank for all the tips I will go and ask the banks and get the best price 🙂

Ada Schultz: Find a Pinoy…. Put in his name.

Anthony Cooper: Is it not possible to do I by my self?

Ada Schultz:Juan: Anthony Cooper: I really don’t know… I’ve always just paid cash. You can get a bike for way less than a thousand dollars…. Geesh… Why finance such a small amount and furthermore why worry about interest… This is a third world country. Why come here if you have no money?

Anthony Cooper: Ada Schultz: i have not a million i cash, this is the price for the bike and therefore I make a loan to get it.

Ada Schultz: Anthony Cooper: I’m just saying…. A bike cost 40 to 50,000 pesos… Less than a thousand dollars…. If you can’t come up with that much money you should not be here…. That is a fact…. If you have a pension and its at least a grand… Then ok… But if you are here trying to work in a country who’s citizen’s cannot even afford to live here then you are Bobo

Anthony Cooper: Ada Schultz: 50 or 100 is no problem in cash but you don’t answer on my question. So is good there is someone there understand a question and have brain to answer on it. Good day to you anyway I think you need it.

Hayden Cummings: I bought an Aprilia Pegaso before and they put me in touch with a finance company for my loan – not a bank

Anthony Cooper: Can you explain that more?

Hayden Cummings: The bike sellers had a contact and put me in touch and I gave them a deposit and paid off the rest monthly

Anthony Cooper: Okay thank you

Heaven Fields: Jonas dont fall for the troll .. I’d be interested to learn what you find out as well from your experience.. I’m looking to pick a HD , about 700-800k. Do drop me a pm with your findings

Anthony Cooper: I will do that no problem 🙂

Jackson Murray: The company dealer will take care of your loan approval. It’s max of 3 years only for motorcycles I think.


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