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Where to find a decent safe places under 45K a month outside Manila?

Hi All I’m currently living in Manila for the past year in a condo. I will be moving to Cebu city on June 1st. I like the IT Park area and need a furnished 1 bedroom condo. Can anyone help with recommendation as to decent safe places under 45k a month. Are there any other areas I should consider. Thank for your time and help. I really appreciate it. Have a great day. David

Ray McShane: Not sure about Cebu prices, but thats about triple what I pay in Manila 🙀

Bree Ann: Jerrica Mae Versoza Gargar

David Brown: I just increased my budget for a bigger place

David Brown: I pay 19k now for a studio

Ray McShane: 14,5 for 2BR

David Brown: Good deal but I’m moving to Cebu. Hehe

Ray McShane: Lol yea I know. I just figured outside Manila would be cheaper

Roma Santos Elpedes: Champ Tecson Canoy

David Brown: Is that a condo place in IT Park??

Roma Santos Elpedes: David Brown she has a listing of condos in cebu. Maybe she can help you finding one. Lower than 45k a month

David Brown: Roma Santos Elpedes okay thank u.

Sharon Ponce: 45k is toomuch even for a furnished 2 bedroom in a posh place in cebu. prices there is much lower compared to Manila

David Brown: Okay thanks

Remzi Çalık: First check it and airbnb the get the idea.

David Brown: I have already just need recommendations especially for long term lease

Scott Amos: I have a realty company in Cebu and can arrange this for you. PM me if you would like me to coordinate this for you

Ray McShane:

Welcome to Smart Homebuying: Condo for Sale & Rent | ZipMatch

Jude Lauron Ibanada: Done

Jude Lauron Ibanada: We have within IT Park Sir

Deyah Conlu Abang: I’m selling a 1br condominium in Mactan Newtown with ocean views and balcony asap.6.4 M45.7 sq meter 1br1 bathroomFully furnished – all brand new. Unit never used. I can send you more pictures if you are interested. 🙂

David Brown: Rent only

Anna K. Reiter: Hello, you should look for a unit in calyx centre in it park but the cheapest in IT park is avida. I live here can recoo you some..cheers

David Brown: Thanks Anna

Mary Ann Marin Streeter: There’s a lot of nice places. Just got one for my husband. That budget of yours will get you furnished. Can you PM me your number so I can get someone to send you quotes and photos.

Mary Ann Marin Streeter: Mactan Newtown

Anna K. Reiter: Pretty far from it park..1 hour plus

David Brown: Did u read my post it said IT Park not Mactan ugh

David Brown: Anna K. Reiter yes Anna unfortunately they don’t care about my needs just there needs to rent a unit anywhere in the Philippines. Lol. Crazy logic.

Anna K. Reiter: David Brown I live in Cebu for 3 years plus. You can pm me for some real adivses I own myself a condo in calyx buts occupied. But can connect you to some friends with available units. Cheers

David Brown: Anna K. Reiter Thanks Anna I will reach out to u in April on my next visit.

Anna K. Reiter: David Brown sure anytime.

Jude Lauron Ibanada: We got Avida Inside IT ParkPm me

David Brown: One bedroom not a studio

Jude Lauron Ibanada: Yes Sir 1Bedroom 35k per month

David Brown: Jude Lauron Ibanada 6 month lease only

Jude Lauron Ibanada: Avida within IT Park Sugbo Mercado or Food Fiesta

Esteban Irurueta: For that price you can get a 1bedroom across Cebu Ayala a few mins to IT park.

David Brown: I want to live in IT Park.

Carlo Andri: I stayed in Avida Tower. 20K for 1 bedroom. Fully furnished

David Brown: Wow excellent. Thank you

Graham Mac: Interested to know the going rental rate for a one bedroom at the marco polo residence nearby. Is there a demand there? Thanks in advance

Ray McShane:

Marco Polo Residences – Condominium in Nivea Hills,…

M Asif Bhatti: AIRBNB

David Brown: Too expensive short term better off with 6 month lease


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