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How to deal with hired drivers in Manila due to bad attitude?

Does anyone else have constant issues with their driver? Ours is consistently late and then sulks, slams doors and ignores us after we’ve told him off for being late. Also does anyone have any drivers looking for work? Thanks.

Paul Hammond: when you tell him off do you yell or is it more of a gentle way?

Julie Lee: It’s not in an aggressive way, it’s my partners mum that does the telling off, she’s a 4ft teddy bear.

Paul Hammond: Nicky was just curious as I went through a few drivers at one stage and I realised my tone could be quite harsh. Espeically when i was frustrated or late. I’d try and put in place a strike system and manage his expectatoins around what the consequences are for them.

Paul Hammond: Or get a new one!

Julie Lee: I think the strike system is the right idea, as our driver would be on his 30th strike this morning

Julie Lee: Tbh i think it might be because it was a woman telling him off

Paul Hammond: Julie Lee: probably but whatever it is.. he needs to understand what is okay and what isn’t.

Frances Hampton: Only high rollers have drivers

Paul Hammond: LOL We all wish that was the case@

Amari Graves: Lots of decent drivers out there looking for work, take your time and look around. Sounds like you may have a bit of a man child working for you.

Lucy Paul: Filipinos later for everything?! Shock horror!!😬😬

Santiago Lyons: I remember when they suddenly put lots of clocks on the MRT stations and within 6 months they were all telling different times and then they took them all away – Time does not exist here in a ‘logical’ sense.

Sofia Figueroa: Thats why i dont hire driversCar maintainance, wages, stress, fuel charges.Plus they gossip and fool around with the househelp.Its better to take Grab.

Santiago Lyons: TIMETravel does something magical to time-mysteriously it seems to expand and contract.But amid tropical islands, it takes on a quite different dimension. Time, just like sugar dissolving in a cup of coffee, disappeared long ago in these sweetened tropical waters. Ultimately, time is the master of all our destinies, but here in the Philippines time is a fluid, epitomized by Salvador Dali in his masterful painting about memory, in which the clock drips like liquid off the surface of a table. Old father time has found a niche in these islands where it is a talent to see a coconut tree growing before your eyes.Travelling by water is the only way to explore a vast archipelago and to view the real majesty of volcanic islands. The scenery is beyond belief, and everywhere boats of one size or another ply the seas between thousands of islands both large and small.The land traveller should be left ashore to revel in the frustrations of road transport amid the ubiquitous horn, without which many drivers would be neutered in a wasteland of discontent.But on the water, there is lack of a set highway and the watery road stretches forever on, endless in its possibilities.After all, our earth is a water planet, and time is irrelevant in the greater motion of the universe. It is this timelessness that does something magical to travel in these tropical islands.

Frances Hampton: Wth does this have to do with drivers?

Haley Mcdaniel: I have a cousin who used to drive for a living that is looking for work. Let me know if you need to replace your current one. 🙂

Julie Lee: I will do thanks! expect a private message from us shortly 🙂

Maci Kelley: Let me tell you a secret when i deal with drivers.. if you need him for 8am tell him to come at 7am! Dont fire him, this is so often in Ph, but an hour before so he could have time and you wont be both late. Yeah? I think an hour allowance is not too much to ask.

Lucy Paul: Thats not really a secret 🙄

Alexander Cruz: Had the same problem years ago. Worked it out in the end.

Oakley French: It’s the Philippines man you get maybe 1 out of 100 that acts or performs like an adult 😞

Vivienne Weber: I’ve had a reliever driver this week whom I can recommend. I’ll not need him myself as my regular driver returns on Monday. I’ll send you a PM

Julie Lee: Appreciate that Vivienne Weber:

Rylan Richardson: Vivienne Weber: will appreciate referral also , will need one but not regularly

Vivienne Weber: Rylan Richardson: PM sent

Vivienne Weber: Julie Lee: PM sent

Miles Brock: My drivers never came late. If it’s happening often, better hire new one. And he can’t act like this, definitely!!!

Nayeli Cobb: and why is he still employed?

Julie Lee: his response was that this is the Filipino way, its a cultural thing.. like sleeping during work hours lol

Nayeli Cobb: Julie Lee: driver… sleeping during work??? yikes!! that’s not good

Julie Lee: He assured us that all the filipino drivers sleep during the day lol

Julie Lee: I think we might have had the wool pulled over our eyes

Evie Walker: Better to just drive your own self around. Avoid the hassle and save money.

Julie Lee: Thanks for the reassurance everyone.

Addison Richardson: Let me guess; when you try to explain things to him he just ignores you with “nosebleed” because he can’t understand simple, clear English. Typical here.

Kaitlyn Holt: Saw this posted in another group

Dallas Webb: We’re on our 5th in 2 years and in hindsight should have got rid of two of the others far quicker. We had a brilliant one but he was poached by an embassy and our current one is on the whole very good apart from the occasional sulky day.I always interview them first and let them drive me around. I set down what we expect and what we won’t accept so advise them not to bother asking for advances, money for school books or funerals or operations and if they want holiday ask a week in advance. Once there’s a degree of trust established and they’ve been working for a few months we lighten up a bit.Don’t stand for nonsense, it only causes most to behave even worse.

Julie Lee: Are drivers that ask for advances quite common? Ours asks for an advance almost every month now.. I was hoping we had gotten the one bad driver in Manila lol

Dallas Webb: Advance requests are common for all staff as is what we call creep. Most figure that if they owe money you’re less likely to sack them and creep is where they politely ask if they can go early or start late and without you noticing it slowly becomes th…See More

Daniel Kennedy: Hi Everyone. I have a driver and 2018 Toyota Innova Dual Package. Let me know if anybody’s interested 🙂

Amari Graves: What are your rates within metro Manila and the coding day?

Daniel Kennedy: Amari Graves: please check your inbox.Thanksz

Kaydence Scott: Time for a new driver. This obviously isn’t working for him.

Remi Jenkins: if you pay money for 9 am pickup then it must be 9 am pickup….we have private driver full time and our cars, pay well , treating as part of family and never had problems , went through couple ones before , sometimes too late , sometimes didnt show up and after call said some excuses, i never let that happen again by letting them go , finally found decent , from S. Leyte and works the best for both of us with both way respect and trust…

Jolene Burton: pm sent


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