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Where to look for a safe, secure, and preferably modern accommodations in Makati and BGC?

Hello all! I am moving to Manila at the beginning of the year and am seeking recommendations as far as one: safe, secure, and preferably modern accommodations in Makati and BGC in the range of 23,000-30,000 pesos per month. I have seen properties online in McKinley Hill residences for example and would like to know names of other comparable residences. Secondly, I am hoping to connect with a network(s) to find work, preferably with an international company. A little background for reference, I lived abroad for six years in Beijing where I worked in editorial for an English language lifestyle publication and also worked in marketing and communications for a British international school. I am a part of Internations and plan to join networking events once I arrive in Manila however, I would really like to research opportunities beforehand. Any recommendations for a starting point would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Nuriye Erol: There is a British international school here too. Maybe check their page

Alinta Bee: Oh my god I’m so excited girl!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to having you here for the brief amount of time I will have left!!! Yes!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃

Alinta Bee: Ps. Sorry but I can’t help with those questions 😝

Sarah McLeod: Send me your cv – Can’t promise to have anything but can take a look – good luck. In bgc at thy price you will be looking at a studio.

Yvette Ferrari: I will send you my cv by Monday. Thank you!

Sarah McLeod: Let me re give you my email! I was walking!

Amity Lim: Stamford residence and morgan suites in mckinley are within your price range and description

Jake Orozco: Sharmagne Santiago

Bernice B Vergara: I can recommend you units for lease and for jobs check out jobstreet and kalibrr Isabel Company Houses

Isabel Company Houses: Pm sent!

Celisa Ramirez: Sent you a message 😊

Cristina Aligui Rivera: Pm sent

Lee Wei Feng: That is the right budget for a place around mckinley or at forbeswood heights at Bonifacion global city

Lee Wei Feng: For work i can refer you to viventis

Ian Robin Go Comandao: Jesse

David Boyd: Ask Dear Edith. She has all the answers and her cousin Google !!

Demolder Thierry: What sort of visa do you have ? Tourist visa are not allowed to work in PH.

Yvette Ferrari: Hi. Thanks for your concern. My husband is from the Philippines so the visa is not an issue.

Karen Vogelsang: My husband is Filipino too, and your visa still could be a concern if you want to work here as not all permanent residence visas allow you to work. You can read up on the different visa’s on the Bureau of Immigration website. Please also join the Foreign Wives of Filipinos FB group! Welcome to the Philippines!!

Mark Francis Zapanta: Hi mam Yvette , I have available Studio Furnished in Morgan Suites Mckinley25K /monthhere’s the actual pictures of the unit

Demolder Thierry: This is not the view from Morgan.

Mark Francis Zapanta: thats right sir , its just near The Venice Grand Canal 😊thats why I include it in my posta part of selling point only sir

Demolder Thierry: Mc Kinley is quiet good everything at walking distance.

Raki Raki: For that price in BGC you can find studio for example South of Market. Good luck.

Yvette Ferrari: Wow.. what a helpful group!Thank you everyone for the input.

Patrick Deakin: When looking at thr BGC area, try to stay in the CBD part as opposed to McKinley Hill. Its walking distance to just about everything so you dont have to deal with the costs and hassles of transport and traffic. It could mean the difference between gaving a good stay here or GREAT stay. In anycase, both good, secure, vibrant areas. Mabuhay! And welcome to the Philippines! Home of the best people on the planet!

Yvette Ferrari: Hi Patrick. Can you tell me a few names of residences in thr CBD part of BGC you would recommend from 25,000 to 30,000?

Jason de Leon: Try Eightforbes Residential in BGC or Crescent Park located on 30th street or Sapphire Residential Bldg

Jason de Leon: also try Icon Bldg or ECON residential bldg

Handy Mandy: If you’re ok with it, send your resume over. I’ll see what we have in the pipeline for 2018.

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Patrick Jonathan Go Tai: 1 bedroom unit Forbeswood heights in Burgos circle for 30k per month. Yvette Ferrari.


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