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How to get a prepaid sim and rent a car in the US?

Hey guys This is embarrassing (being half American and all) But haven’t dealt with these issues before. Heading back to the U.S next week. And my questions are: 1. Can I rent a car from Hertz there using a Filipino drivers license and my Swedish passport. (my U.S passport is back in Sweden) 2. What about prepaid sims nowadays. Is it possible to get a prepaid sim in the U.S without registering it with a U.S ID ? or whats the process?

Mya Cook: Why not buy one from a private dealer

Brian Burns: That wasn’t my question. In certain countries, you need to register prepaid sim with a SSN or similar. Back in the days, if I remember correctly, you needed a U.S SSN or a landline to register prepaid sim to activate it. So it really makes no difference from whom you buy the sim from.

Brian Burns: If I am totally wrong, feel free to correct me. I never used prepaid in my own country before.

Mya Cook: This is Philippines. I never heard of needing to register a sim

Brian Burns: Mya Cook: My questions are for the U.S. Not here in PH

Mya Cook: In the U.S. maybe you need to

Allison Hanson: Brian Burns: you can just go to AT&T and ask for a prepaid with unlimited calls text and net for about 60 dollars. It’ll last a month

Mya Cook: That is true

Miguel Flores: Walmart has the best option for phone… Just buy the phone and it’s pay as you go. Very affordable. Around 100 dollars… No contract. As for driving… I’m clueless

Messiah Wilkins: 1. Not sure about Hertz, but we were able to rent before with mixed papers. Just tell then your case, i’m sure they’ll understand. As long as its a legitimate document, I don’t see any problem with that.2. Yes, you can get prepaid sims there without having to register a US ID

Brian Burns: Messiah Wilkins: Hey, thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

Nicole Phillips: 1. I used my Aussie driver’s license and didn’t need to show my passport when I booked Enterprise car, which I used extensively in the US.2. I used a pre-paid Cricket sim and didn’t need to show a US ID.

Brian Burns: Alright, but without speaking badly about PH. But I would presume an Aussie license is considered differently than a PH one. Thats just what I am thinking about. As my Swedish license expired I have to use my PH one.

Nicole Phillips: Brian Burns: That’s fair enough. You could give ’em a call on their hotline via Google (free) and ask the question directly. That way, you’re getting a definitive answer direct from the source.

Brian Burns: Nicole Phillips: True, probably the best way. But just took a shot to see what the community had to say

Theodore Cortez: Brian Burns: I’m Australian and my Australian drivers license sometime expires when I arrive home. I’m allowed to drive on my PH license in Australia. So if my home country lets me drive with a PH knowing that I also hold an expired Australian license them I’m sure a PH license hold some power.

Natalie Dunn: Brian Burns: get a free sim card fr any AT&T corporate store, it’s called Gophone. You need to activate it but no need to show ID

Colton Potter: Your real problem is getting into usa without a usa passport.

Brian Burns: Lol what. I carry a Swedish passport as well. No need for VISA to get into the U.S

Natalie Dunn: i figured that out too Brian Burns:, u will not have a problem at all 😊 try the AT&T Prepaid Sim card I recommended, it is for free and like in Manila. it is easy to get them.

Colton Potter: If you are a U.S. citizen you must, by law, enter and depart the United States on a valid U.S. passport, regardless of age or possession of foreign passports. The details of this law can be found in U.S. Code Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part II…See More

Brian Burns: Colton Potter: Thanks for citing the law. I am a lawyer. You can have it waived. But I appreciate the concern.

Steven Page: I always travel with all my passports just incase. I feel like a spy sometimes.

Sawyer Montgomery: Brian Burns: with a Swedish passport you will need an ESTA. I supposed you know that already.

Brian Burns: Yeah. I know. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up though

Miguel Flores: Have someone fed ex you your passport…. And never leave home without it again…. 😗

Hailey West: Q1. You should be able to. Q2, Go to Wal-Mart for Pre-Paid Sims and Phones. Don’t need US ID to purchase

Braxton Allen: Regarding the sim, go to a MetroPCS, no ID needed. For 50$ including taxes. All unlimited. Just got one a few weeks ago

Hailey West: Also try Cricket

Madeleine Reid: I lived in Florida and had international clients …they all rented with one thing in common, they all got ripped off by the airport with stupid needless extra insurance, you can use a credit card that provides the insurance.

Use preregistration is required and you pay based on your offer… be sure you are going before bidding because it’s final. Also fill with gas either prepay for empty tank or fill up before drop off… a BIG savings is to Uber to off airport and drop away from the airport, cost of convenience I just do airport pickup but it can be significantly less.Phones… no need for ID as mike said, hit up a T-Mobile because they have the same GSM bands as here, example… my Apple iPhone ordered from t-mobile crapped out and Apple here replaced it … model is the same as the US and Philippines model, whereas some carriers don’t provision as easily. T-Mobile has stores and physically will help it get on the network free..

last thing .. Metro PCS is owned by T-Mobile but… the clients are B rates compared to T-Mobile… if you are going to a big airport they too have SIM cards at kiosks… the easiest carriers to work our phones are T-Mobile and at+t … both are GSM .. Your Filipino DL is sufficient for valid ID .. do NOT let someone hold your passport they try that bullshit sometimes it’s illegal but they do it… lol here too. – The Best Deals on Hotels, Flights and Rental Cars.

Melissa Becker: Yes and yes… go to at&t and ask for prepaid sim card. For car rental get international driving license from your country if your one is not in english…

Autumn Morton: hi smith.. hertz accept international driver’s license.. so that should be ok.. 🙂 cheers

Beatrice Burns: You can go to any big mobile shops and get a prepaid card. TMobile and AT&T have prepaid. Or go to a big retail store like Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, etc. they will have a bunch of small carriers and probably cheaper.


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