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What kind of job expats are doing in manila and how can an expat get employed?

Margot Norman: Most.Helpful.Answer.EVER 😆

Lorelai Mccoy: Most of them are being assigned here by their respective companies.. they are in a contract..


Nathan Roy: Call centers if you know any language other than english

Elianna O’brien: Ebery single job that doesn’t require you to be a Filipino citizen or a educational background that requires you to be a Filipino citizen to get the license/accreditation.

Elianna O’brien: And off topic, what kind of question is that? Perhaps you should be a bit more specific

Galilea Nelson: First, you must get an ACR from immigration, then you have to get a work clearance, then you have to get a company to sponsor you. It is quite difficult actually.

Nathan Roy: Not really like that. First I found job offer and then company manged all things like ACR

Galilea Nelson: Nathan Roy: Yes but how long was the process?

Elianna O’brien: Would depend on the connections of the company. When one of my companies I work for renews visa for the executives, usually 3-4 weeks. At the other company I consult at, not seldom are people without passports for 2 and a half months.

August Ball: First you need to have an employer. Then you apply for an AEP and then you apply for a working VISA. The process is between 1-2 month normally.

Marilyn Garrett: I got relocated, process was simple enough but then again the company lawyer took care of it all..

Brantley Patton: I have visa A13 no hustling and you can apply for everything. In the past I was culinary consultant, now Sr operations manager retail and operations

Brooke Curry: They open up a business in the consultancy industry and partner with locals

Vivian Jordan: I was brought over to work here and manage a marketing team so on expat salary. Unsure how easy it is to find work here that pays decent without being assigned. I see many locals and some foreigners struggle to find work here. I have a 9G visa

Lyla Ruiz: Lots of expats work online as Digital Nomads and Internet Marketers too 🙂

Chelsea Moss: Are work visas needed for that ?

Lyla Ruiz: You are working online so you only need your tourist visa and you can work from anywhere in the world

Kiara Holt: Social Media Manager, Email Marketer, Facebook Ads Manager, E-commerce Business Owner, Amazon Sellers, YouTuber, Online English Teacher :).. Work from your Computer anytime, anywhere (where you can legally work).

Nathan Roy: Basketball player, dancer, chef, actor

Elianna O’brien: Marc Sjöström is here as male stripper.

Clara Lynch: You can work as an English teacher from home. I work for this company and make $17.65 per hour if I have students for that hour. No students. I still get half pay. So I make money either way. Check them out.
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