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Is there a way that a foreign national can work in the Philippines without being sponsored by a company?

Is there a way that a foreign national can work in the Philippines without being sponsored by a company? Basically, idea is for the foreign national to come here and apply for work in companies.

Jordyn Collins: You can come on a tourist visa. Then search for jobs while being a tourist. Nothing preventing that

August Morales: Thanks Smith , but after that, you’ve still got to get your employer to sponsor you?

Ruby Brady: August Morales: u should have a company pay for ur visa, or at the least u can pay ur own working visa.

Ruby Brady: No need a sponsor like USA

Jordyn Collins: Nicole it’s not about sponsorship. If they offer you a job they will process your work visa as well

Jordyn Collins: And your tourist visa will be converted to 9G working visa instead.

August Morales: Cristiano oh, good to know. Thanks!

August Morales: Smith this is valuable. Thanks!

Jordyn Collins: I would suggest you strongly try to let them pay for the fee for it. Any normal reputable company would do that.

August Morales: Smith not for me but for a friend. Last question though, there is an option that my friend can pay for his own visa, right?

Jordyn Collins: Sure the fees can always be on either the company or the worker. That’s something they will have to discuss. But it doesn’t change the process to get the working visa though.

August Morales: Smith got it! Thanks a lot!

Mikayla Greene: Jordyn Collins: ?? Why if this company needs you they will..

Jordyn Collins: Huh ?

Jordyn Collins: But for obvious reasons you can’t get a work visa unless you have an employment

Parker Mathis: Immigration Office is right adjacent to Cathedral Church of the Manila Metropolitan. They can give better directives

Raymond Hicks: This case would be more of if a company you’re applying at would be willing to sponsor/work on your Work Visa here. You’d be more ‘interesting’ if you’d be applying to companies right when you’re here than when you’re in some other country.


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