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Where to look for a studio or two bed apartment in Manila for an expat?

Hello Everyone, I am moving to Manila for my official work for next 3 years starting from April. I need your suggestion in finding the right place or area to live in. A studio or two bed apartment is required in a clean place where other foreigners are living as well and it place should be secure. Can anyone please mention the names of places in Manila where expats live? Thank you

Michael Labrador: What part of specifically of manila is your work located? Manila is huge.

What is your budget?

I ask about your work location because traffic and commuting is a nightmare and even a short 10 km distance might take you 1-1.5 hrs

Valeria Roberto: Budget is not the issue it all depends on place where i am gonna live & work location in the city some where around Manila Golf Club and i have got company car with driver. I need something not more than 30 mins radius.

Michael Labrador:  someone will be along to help…

I lived in manila for a year ( Mandaluyong ) but don’t know enough about your planned area.
Good luck 😃

Dustin Smart: 30 minute radius means no farther than 2 km from your destination. Manila has worst traffic in the world!

Valeria Roberto: As i have to live so make it 1 hour ))

Dustin Smart: I lived in the actual city Manila (Sampaloc) for 1.5 years. Often, I could walk faster than the traffic. Its easy to walk 2km in 30 minutes. But there is the standard morning rush hour which is worse than say 12am- 4am. So the time of day is a factor also.

Dustin Smart: Manila golf club shows up on Google. If I see the right one, its between Makati, Dasmarinas, and Taguig. Those three areas are very nice and many expats. I would try to fund a place as close to your work as possible, but there are many nice rental condos and houses in that area.

Arvin Silos: If money is ABSOLUTELY not an issue, then security and location-wise, your best bet would be Forbes Park and/or Dasmarinas,Village. Plenty of expats in those areas too, if i may add.

Lloyd Herrera: The best place will be BGC. Theres a lot of expats out there

Jay Ronwyl Bayon Esguerra: Try Knightsbridge in makati
Or gramercy
Mostly expats about 80%-90%

Nathan Bruin: Bgc

David R. Brubaker:  Rockwell

Nessy Velasco: I could get you a condo unit. 1 bedroom 18k.. 2 bedroom 36k. With gym and pools.

Valeria Roberto:  Thank you much everyone. for your help and support.

Rafael Ravedutti: De nada!


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