The capital and chief city of the Philippines


Reasons to visit Manila

Manila… not to be missed

 Manila as it old name (Ginto) defines it is a ‘land of Gold’. Not literally ‘a land of gold’ but Manila is unique in its existence. Such overcrowded yet attractive city is rarely found in the world. Even not having the high quality of cleanliness and discipline it still asks for a visit once in your life. Manila is versatile in its culture and traditions having colorful festivals. Manila being a capital is center of financial and business dealings. This factor is vital in keeping it crowded and lively.

We have come up with some fascinating reasons to visit Manila.

  1. Historical places

Philippine is different from its neighboring countries as it has historical prints of

Spanish reign. Visiting fort Santiago will recall the Spanish reign. Fort Santiago is
beautiful with it heavy gates, lush green lawns, and fountains.

Paco Park, located in the walled city is the oldest part of Manila, also worth your visit
if you are a history lover.


  1. Sunsets

Sunset on Manila Bay is mind-blowing. The light of the sun and beautiful clouds always present an eye-pleasing view.


  1. Thrill on peak

The thrill and adventure lovers should visit Manila as the Star City rides will fix your
adrenaline. You can warm up you adventure guts by diving in deep blue waters of


  1. Museums

When you visit Manila, pay a visit to its adorable museums like national museums of
Filipino people, Rizal shrine museum, Ayala Museum and Marikina shoe museum. In
all these museums you will enjoy the pre-Hispanic artifacts, high-quality art show and
details of country’s history.


  1. Marine life

Marine life is just awesome in Manila. Manila Ocean Park is an amusing place for the
people who love marine life. You can observe marine life by being very close to them
by diving into the water wearing astronaut costume.


  1. Shopping Craze

Manila’s pocket-friendly shopping malls are more than enough to satisfy your shopping
craze. Greenhill shopping center is a must visit place for the people who love
handicrafts. For designer goods, Greenbelt mall is the best.


  1. Nightlife

Everyone wants to enjoy music and drinks in clubs at most affordable prices. So Manila
is great in this aspect. It offers you a great nightlife and charge are pocket-friendly.


  1. Day trips

Manila is the most suitable location for day trips and camping. Camping aside
volcanoes can be the most thrilling experience.


  1. Jeepney

A vehicle introduced by Americans in Philippine is the most colorful and attractive in
Philippine. Even after American reign jeepney remains the essential part of the
Philippine culture. The visitors love to have a ride on the jeepney.


  1. Anilao

A beautiful Anilao is located near Manila. The journey is two hours long but the
beautiful views of this Anilao worth it.


  1. Food

Food in Manila is tasty and enough to satisfy your taste buds. Cheese ramen is a dish made
with fresh noodles with thick cheese. It’s a great deal for cheese lovers.

There are a lot more things in Manila that deserve a visit.


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