The capital and chief city of the Philippines


What the Manila City looks like?

Manila…Pearl of the Orient

Manila, the land of gold is like the coolest city in Asia. It’s one of the largest Island that makes up much of the Philippines. Manila was home to American, Japanese and Chinese powers in WWII. However, there are no more signs of back-dated mishaps and wars on modern Manila.

The people of Manila are ready to introduce themselves to the world with changed and developed identity. This city has totally transformed from its food to music. But remains the same in cultural perspectives. Manila offers colorful festivals, tasty foods and worth visiting places like parks, museums, churches and other historical places.

People of Manila are so lively and hospitable. They welcome the tourists warmly with their trends and satisfying food. They keep the city working 24/7. It’s crowded, it’s busy and it is always on move. In recent years, it has become the business center so attracted the more folks towards it by creating jobs. Manila also don’t disappoint the people with literary tastes as it offers huge libraries with internationally renowned books and best universities for higher education.

Manila… Entry to the Phillippines

Manila serves as a point of entrance to Philippine as all the international flights land on Manila airport. However, ship travel is tough in Manila despite being it’s a big Asian seaport. Inside Manila different means of transportation are available.

The attention seeking thing is the existence of volcanoes around the city. The volcano sites are used for camping and day tours. However, the existence of volcanoes exposed Manila to earthquakes.

One set back to Manila is the population of this city that is increasing at a higher rate in comparison to New York City. The predictions are that the population will get double but infrastructure is not enough to accommodate the needs of the increased population. The city earns through business activities and tourism. But with the increased population, it will be hard to manage the resources. The increased population is a cause of traffic issues and poverty.

However, Manila is successful in recovering itself from the effects of war to a great extent. Their food streets, restaurants, casinos, bars, parks and museums are full of life. Life in Manila always shines on its peak. By adopting certain measures, Manila’s problems can sort out. As a matter of fact, every big city has some problems and so Manila does. However, its tourist attractions will surely help this city to overcome all problems.



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