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What do you recommend as an internet provider in Manila?

Good morning everyone. Moving to Eastwood in less then a month, what do you recommend for internet provider? I’ve seen Globe adds in every loby of apartment complex. How is Globe in Eastwood? What are my other options? Need speed of 30-50mbs, with consistent upload as well. Thank you.

Ramonito Pamintuan: anything but globe… sky, pldt would be the lesser evil… but don’t expect they are comparable to what you’ve in your country… internet here is like internet back in the 90s

June Mayfield: every area is different, ask around in your building/area….some areas pldt is horrible, globe is best, and vice versa, there really is not a straight answer for your question, area is the key

John Manalo: I’d recommend Sky and it comes with free TV cable.

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: I have Sky at this time, by now I know internet here is nothing like in US, and thats ok. I’ll be moving to Eastwood mall. Well one of the buildings, not inside the actual mall 😂

John Manalo: Yes Internet speed here is nothing compared to other countries.

Ulan Kerimbaev: I wanted PLDT FiBR but all slots were already taken by condominium residents. Opted for One Sky Premium 1999 as it was much cheaper than PLDT DSL for the same speed. 4 hours after installation it started going down, e.g. there is internet for 30 minutes then it disappears for 10 minutes…. After constant resetting for several days I started calling and writing to sky until they came to fix it…. Yes, Internet sucks here.

Jun Alvaro: Try NOW

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Have not heard of it, will research now, salamat po

Constantine Edge Macabante: Skycable

Indronil Dey: Globe works fo4 me in Eastwood.. as long as they have the 100mbps plam..much consistent than sky

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Do you think 50mbs plan is good?

Indronil Dey: Globe is consistent colored to sky ..depends if your building has it..yes 50 mbps is good too.Used to have it.Expect more like 30 mbps..but it’s still better than sky.

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Thanks man, I appreciate the info. Do you remember your upload speed on 50mbs plan?

Indronil Dey: This is on 100 mbps

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Damn….. I might get this dude! Upload speed is sick!

Matti Malila: If you use very internet much. Globe dont have unlimited internet.

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Matti Malila yes they do

Matti Malila: Have a friend using globe after 2 weeks globe slowered his internet speed, saying he dont follow “fair” use rules. Its means you can not use internet so much you want. He didnt get any answer how much is fair use. Today he using smarts real unlimited

Cliff Hudson: Skycable or pldt fiber. Globe is so bad where i am

Ei Leen: I think Converge is available in Eastwood.

Rajesh Roger Daswani: Try Converge

Carlo Castillo: Ask first which providers can service your area. You can’t choose if only one provider is available there lol

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: I know for sure Pldt and Globe is available. Not sure about Sky and others

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Thank you for your advice and responses, everyone!

Chemari Camus: Try converge of it’s available there it would be your best option. It’s also the least expensive of all ibternet providers.

Hannah Ton: Pldt will be the best option there but the instalation service speed is a bit slower than globe. Globe has only 1 weakness that always down on the bad weather day like rainy or typhoon 🤔

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: My fiance confirms the bad weather thing with Globe. Any idea why bad weather effects it?

Caddy Invictus: Globe has limits man, try Sky, if you can get it or Converge. Globe and PLDT have data limits and you will see speed going down because of them. Globe its a shitshow since they added the data cap. That my recommandation as an IT that lives In Manila for like 11 years:)

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Caddy thank you for advice. I wasn’t aware of throttling on Globe. Any idea after how many TB of downloading, do they start throttling?

Caddy Invictus: Dmitriy Zheleznyak it depends of your contract with them.

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Gotcha. But it definitely gets throttled at some point of too much data use?

Caddy Invictus: Dmitriy Zheleznyak yes it does. Tbh all of them throttle you including Sky and Converge but a simple modem reset fixes that because it’s moving you to a different channel while Globe does the limitation more hardcore…probably based on ur client id or modem hardware id or mac or both

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: That actually makes a lot of sence. When my Sky model gets slow, I just unplug it, and back to normal. In US they also throttle through it mac address.

Robert Ong Jr: Converge

Alexander Laryutin: Globe is bad (BGC). Barely making 20 Mbps on 50 Mbps plan. I am using SkyCable (Rockwell, Makati) and very happy. PLDT Fibr is also good and has no data caps.

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: I have Sky now, speed is consistent for the most part. When everyone gets off from work, then it’s supper slow. Globe is just a better deal speed/money wise, that’s why it’s appealing to me. My fiance said she didn’t like pldt, when she had it. So I’m getting mixed reviews from everyone. Some people like Globe, some hate it; same with other carriers.

Alexander Laryutin: I guess it’s location specific. I do not recall any problems with sky after last upgrade. Again I speak for my area only. I believe most providers give a no commitment trial period. You can research that option or ask admin of your new condo directly

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Thank you

Joseph Joey Cebrero: Converge

Dmitriy Zheleznyak: Thank you everyone. Globe only offered 5mbps service in the building I’m moving to. So I went with Sky 50mbps plan.

Eloisa Arcega Aniceta Behan: Globe will provide you that speed for only a few days then will be at its lowest after you have consumed it… pldt still sort of reliable


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