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Where are good expat living communities and international school in Manila?


I will be moving to Manila after summer with my family (husband and 2kids 6 yo and 2 yo). I would like to get recommendations on expat living communities and international schools.
– Any feedback on Chinese International School Manila? Is it a good school? How about sport facilities and extra CV activities? My son is bilingual in Chinese and English, and we would like him to keep improving his mandarin.
– Based on this school, which will be the best area to live? Are there many kindergartens for my 2 year old girl nearby?
– My husband´s office will be in Makati.

We are living in Hong Kong, where everything is 15 minutes apart by taxi or MTR. Is it the traffic in Manila that bad??

Thanks so much in advance for your help!!!

Joanni Bulanadi: Yeah. Traffic is BAD. Expect 30 mins travel (by car) within 2-3kms radius especially during rush hour.

If you’re going to send your child there, better live in Mckinley Hill or BGC…

Carolina Valeria Apaza: I sent you a private message!

Tim Stone: you want to be in bgc. commuting bgc to makati for work is doable. traffic is worse than anything u have seen b4 😂😂😂

Elena Arias Urones: 😥😥😥😥 omg! Thanks for the info!

Jun Alvaro: BGC is the place to be. Theres a nearby intl school for your kids. Walking is encourage in that area. You get to feel like you are still in HK side.

BGC Hostel & Dorm
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Jun Alvaro: Makati is less than an hour away traffic included.

Michelle Mabelle: I live in BGC and my office is in Makati, it has taken me 1.5 hours on bad days. Others its just 20 mins. 

What are your husbands hours?

Jun Alvaro: Sad but true. You take care Michelle Charli Bubke

Elena Arias Urones: Michelle Charli Bubke my husband hours Will be from 8.30 to 6 pm approx …. peak hours I guess

Michelle Mabelle Elena: Oh yes. that is yuk traffic hour

Leslie Howard P. Lugtu: BGC is your place

Liza Barrera: It depends on your priority. If it’s your kids schooling and community living, BGC is a better choice.

Madaline D. T. Lee: Hi. Sorry to ride on to this thread. I am also keen to find out more on pre-schools in BGC area or I believe its Taguig area… Any suggestions would be great for international Pre-Schools that teaches Mandarin as well…


Libert De Jesus: I’ve sent you a message, Ms. Madaline.

Andrew Beech: Rockwell in Makati is much more of a local community than bgc which is a little soulless. Not sure about the nearest schools though.

Rockwell Land
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Madaline D. T. Lee: Lived in Rockwell. It is a gd area however not much of a community… Nice place though

Andrew Beech: Did you join the Rockwell club? They are always having events etc. Poblacion is also up and coming as a cool trendy area with great restaurants etc now 😉

Rockwell Club Gym, Amorsolo
Local Business
Lopez Dr, Makati

Nick Preston: Hi Elena, I can’t be much help with suggestions here but thought I would touch base as myself and my own family will be doing the same transition from HK to Manila early next year. I have a 2 year old and a new born. It might be worth keeping in touch to share tips on good / bad things we come across. I’ll pop a few points back on this thread !

Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Elena Arias Urones: Nick Preston of course I will keep you updated!

Tim Stone: Rockwell is indeed very very nice. However, once you out of Rockwell, you are out of rockwell and you are just in Makati.
generally w family i would always prefer BGC bc from what i heard schools are better and feels much safer overall. 
I dont know your budget but if you flexible i would highly recommend you looking in Serendra ONE and Arya Residences, thank me later 😉

Nick Preston Elena: Arias Urones feel free to pm me. Or your husband if you’d rather not pm a stranger! Lol

Justin Worth: Yes it’s that bad

Libert De Jesus:  I’ve sent you a message Ms. Elena Arias Urones.

Jofrey Mark San Andres: Hello Elena, u can send me a private messgae. Our Company caters Expats for their relocation here in the Ph. We can Guarantee that you will have the best place to stay while ur here 🙂

Philippine Condos BgC taguig or Mckinley where there is international school…

Bgc Terra Park
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