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Where to go for some travel and adventure outside Manila?

Looking for some travel/adventure advice. Please help with what you can.

1) where is the best whitewater rafting? When is the best time to go? Anything still running mid-April?

2) is Donsal the best place to do “ethical” whale shark watching? What else is worthwhile near Donsal? Hiking? Fishing? Diving?

3) what are the best hikes to do in mid-April?

4) any other travel/adventure advice that you’re stoked about??

George Mariano: 1. Cagayan de oro in Mindanao. There is some spot in Magdalena, Laguna. 
2. You mean Donsol Sorsogon? Yes. And you can also do it in Cebu
3. You can try the cordillera mountains in northern luzon
4. Live like a local 🙂


Rio De Oro
4.6 ★ $$$$ Professional Service
Cavite, 4107 General Trias, Cavite

Cordillera Coffee
4.6 ★ $ Coffee Shop
Unit 104 Llanar Bldg., 77 Xavierville Ave., 1100 Quezon City, Philippines Edited

Matt Bowers: Thanks George I’ll check them out! Also re: #4 I think it’s time I try Balut.. haha

April Bleack Sarmiento: Gumasa beach,tuka marine park, la union water tubing and Princess Del Leonor beach resort… All are located in Sarangani Province in Mindanao…You will not just enjoy but definitely you will love the place…. 

Try to visit and have fun…

Matt Bowers: Thanks April! I’ll give them a look

April Bleack Sarmiento: You’re welcome Matt…

Cecilia Mayo: Donsol is “ethical”. Oslo in Cebu is not (whale sharks are being fed by humans to stay in the area). In Donsol there is diving as well at Manta Bowl (Manta Rays). April is high season to spot them.

Ray Carranza: True, don’t go to Oslob in Cebu!! Been there and got angry about how they do it. Poor creatures!

OSLOB Whaleshark Divers
4.4 ★ $$ Scuba Diving Center
Argao-Santander Rd, 6025 Oslob, Cebu

Ben Pablo: Skip the unethical whaleshark watching in Oslob. Donsol’s great but lower your expectations. There aren’t many sharks, and the water’s not very clear. It’s exhausting to chase after them.

OSLOB Whaleshark Divers
4.4 ★ $$ Scuba Diving Center
Argao-Santander Rd, 6025 Oslob, Cebu

Ben Pablo:  As for hikes, skip anywhere that seems too popular. Trails can be crowded in April. If you can get lucky enough to get into teams hiking big ones (Halcon, Guiting-Guiting, etc) then you’re set. Otherwise there are less popular trails out in Norzagaray, Caraballo mountains, etc depending on how far you wanna go or how adventurous you are (further North into the Kalinga mountains, since you’re looking for rafting, though i think it’s dry that time).

Norzagaray, Bulacan
Norzagaray, Bulacan


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