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Where is a safe and pleasant resort destination in the Philippines?

Mathew George Martin: There are so many…. If you could paint a clearer picture of what you mean by “pleasant” I’m sure the recommendations would come flooding in

Daniel B Hunt: I know what you mean. I mean nice view and good food. Comfortable.

Roselyn Perocho: Boracay

Christine Lopez: Caramoan

Daniel B Hunt: That looks nice!

Daniel B Hunt: Thanks. I have always wanted to do the snorkeling at Boracay. I was there once, several years ago, but I stayed only for a half-hour as I was very ill with something. Good grief, the first few years I was here I think I was really sick most of the time.

Celine Pustanes Demiao: Palawan have a lot of resort sir you can choose nice resorts you can do anything you want. snorkeling also is good a lot of beautiful corals boracay also is nice but for me it is very crowded if you want sometime alone i prefer palawan el nido or puerto prinsesa or puerto galera.

Johnny Veca: Boracay has beautiful beaches and there are hotels along the coast ad nauseam. The boat ride to the island is very cool too. I’d recommend it for sure.

Beeckmans Dave: If you go to boracay, choose for Fridays resort station 1 white beach. NO concrete building and one of the first resort. Also best part of white beach

Senen Jeane Fernandez Bandibas: Try to visit Camaya Coast Private Island Beach Resort in Mariveles, Bataan..

Senen Jeane Fernandez Bandibas:

Eton City in Santa Rosa, Laguna
5.0 ★ · Local Business
Brgy. Malitlit, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, 2105 Santa Rosa, Laguna

Rozelisabeth Ramer: Coco beach island resort (puerto galera), the Bellevue Bohol, Boracay, Palawan.

The Bellevue Bohol
4.5 ★ · $$$$ · Travel & Transportation
Doljo, Panglao Island, 6340 Bohol, Philippines
Coco Beach Island Resort
Beach Resort
Puerto Galera

Glaiza Moreno: Pico de Loro, we have a unit there, contact me

Philippine Property Collective
4.5 ★ · $ · Real Estate Service
120 HV Dela costa, 1227 Makati

Daniel B Hunt: Thank you Glaiza. When the time comes I will keep you in mind.

Debra Allsop: Not Boracay it is the Philippines version of Blackpool – awful place where there are loads of people trying to sell crap you don’t want or need

Daniel B Hunt: I have been to Boracay. I agree, though there are places I’m sure you can find. I am interested in something more out-of-the-say, yet not too amazingly difficult to get to.

Tonette Tongoy-Fritzsche: How far do you want to travel…to narrow down suggestions?

Daniel B Hunt: I would prefer something within a couple hours of an airport.

Daniel B Hunt: Thank you all for the great suggestions!!

Senen Jeane Fernandez Bandibas: And try to Visit also Samal Island in Davao

V de Leon: Anvaya Cove! 20 mins away from Subic. I can help you arrange a visit there. Feel free to message me.

Dakoy Gorrez: Club Paradise on Dimakya Island

Club Paradise, Palawan
4.6 ★ · $$ · Hotel Resort
Dimakya Island, 5316 Coron, Palawan

Gel Polish: Anda white beach resort in bohol,very quite place ,.highly recomended for a romantic couple

Patricia S Gonzalez: Coron palawan.

Coron Westown Resort- Palawan
4.5 ★ · $$ · Hotel Resort
Coron-busuanga Road, 5316 Coron, Palawan

Patricia S Gonzalez: This place is awesome. I stayed here for one week and im about to go back to manila in a few hours. Let me know if need help planning. I can give u some info.

Coron Soleil Garden Resort
4.6 ★ · $$$ · Hotel Resort
Mabentangen Road, 5316 Coron, Palawan

Daniel B Hunt: Hehehe, I know how you feel 🙂 Thanks!

Florami Dennis: Owned by my friend. Ideal for family and group booking.

Daniel B Hunt: Thank you very much!! Wow, very nice 🙂

Lian Ricafort: South Palm Beach Resort in Tagbilaran.

Kieran Wemyss Crowe: Discovery Island Resort and dive center in Coron was very quiet, pleasant and affordable

Daniel B Hunt: Thanks, sounds good. I will def check that out!

Christine Lopez:



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Michael Labrador: El Nido is a beautiful place for snorkling, no beaches except 45 min away, Nacpan Beach

El Nido Palawan Philippines
4.8 ★ · Beach

Daniel B Hunt: Wow, looks great!

Michael Labrador: Yea El Nido has some unique islands jutting straight up, same as Halong Bay, Vietnam. Boracay was my favorite but its now too crowded, and algae exists along the seashore due to water polution

Michael Labrador: Only problem is the 4.5 hour ride from the airport to El Nido. If you do go, i recommend using the Daytripper van service…. they are professional, the others are crooks (I’ve taken both )

Kar Baltazar: Eskaya bohol

Eskaya Resort, Bohol
5.0 ★ · $$$$ · Local Business
Panglao, Bohol

Emir Madrazo:

Gaz Jonsen: Cambodia


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