The capital and chief city of the Philippines


Where and how did you learn Tagalog in Manila?

Matt Oliver: Whilst learning I listened to podcasts in tagalog and watched the Filipino news helped alot of with listening skills

Ricky Shetty: Which Podcasts do you recommend? I will download them now! 🙂

Matt Oliver: The app I use is called podcast play just type in tagalog in the search bar, there Is a lot to choose from. Also you can slow down the playing speed of the podcasts to make it easier to understand. Good luck man

Robert Lurer: Movies at the cinema .. Tagalog with English subs … But only Filipino movies for the most part.
Duolingo is good, definitely avoid learning via fb translation haha

Ricky Shetty: Robert Lurer – which cinemas show Tagalog movies with English subtitles? Usually, they don’t include any subtitles since locals don’t need to read them.

Robert Lurer: Look for Filipino movies they all have subs.. and I might add I typically hate subtitle movies but the acting is very good… and it’s got some English some Tagalog so it kind of introduces.

We went to Vista Mall Taguig but simply go on ClickTheCity which is a .com and see what’s playing … the ladies know the good movies .. haha

We saw Unexpectedly Yours a few months back try that as your first it’s comedy and great acting.

Robert Lurer: I believe that one streams online free now 🙂

Paul Cham: Find a girlfriend?

Ricky Shetty: My wife is Filipina but she is not a professional teacher. I would like to learn Tagalog from someone qualified and experienced at teaching beginners.

Paul Cham:  Maybe you want to try singing?
She can explain the meaning and you get to pronounce the words correctly.
I did that when I learn Bahasa Indonesia language.

Nic Lafuente: I got an “Essential Tagalog” book, but really there’s so much slang in Tagalog the book is far too formal for practical use, other than learning single words.
Fortunately I work in an office with 1,000 Filipinos, so it didn’t take too long to pick up the basics. A local partner will of course help as well.

Armando Carrillo Fuentes:  Google translate 😂😂

Andrew Pearlman: What part of town are you in?

Andrew Pearlman: Also looking and i know there a few tutors, more choice if you are around makati

Ricky Shetty:  We are at Vista Taft but I am opening to doing online lessons or commuting for in-person classes

Andrew Pearlman:  I was going to suggest a place but its in QC! Which is not practical for you!

Ricky Shetty:  Actually we are moving to QC in a couple of weeks so that might work well! 🙂

Evans House: Eriza’s Language School. She does a great job and teaches mainly online via Skype.

Andrew Pearlman:  Ricky Shetty sent you a pm

Ella Daalderop:  Andrew Pearlman would you mind sharing the place in QC with me too 🙂?

Andrew Pearlman: The Catholic Language Study Center (CLCS). Near Fisher Mall. I havent been yet though

Andrew Pearlman:  They have a facebook page

Xander de Groot: Andrew Pearlman It is Christian Language Study Center behind Fisher Mall. Heard good reviews about it. A friend said that she thought it was good. They teach a lot of missionaries from various Christian denominations there.

Christian Language Study Center
4.0 ★ Language School
8 Jose Abad Santos Street, Heroes Hills, 1100 Quezon City, Philippines

Peter Tejada:  Try google translate. Start with words like what, where, when, why. Greetings like good morning good evening good afternoon.

Ricky Shetty: I want something more formal. Using Google Translate will take way too long to learn the language well enough to have basic conversations

Peter Tejada: I see… you can try to check berlitz. They offer formal classes for tagalog language and other languages.

Berlitz Language Center, Makati
$$$ Language School
2/F Peninsula Court Building, 8735 Paseo de Roxas, 1226 Makati

Roxanne Archie: Studying an english to tagalog dictionary might be a good option 🙂 That is what I am doing but alternatively you could purchase Rosetta Stone for Tagalog. I have seen others use it and it looks like a great option!

Matt Oliver: I also have a notebook with a lot of vocabulary and phrases which I wrote down whilst I was beginning to learn, if you want it it’s yours

Weng Zamboanga: Keep on chatting with Filipinos.

Ricky Shetty: The problem (and the good thing) is that Filipinos speak English perfectly so hard for me to learn Tagalog when talking to locals

Weng Zamboanga: Looks like we came from the same province from CA. I used to stay at New Westminster, BC as an immigrant before moving to the Phils. The best way is to speak to Filipino school children. You may volunteer teaching jobs in community schools and let the kids be your translator while teaching. Or you can organize Kids Club. That’s just my idea.

Ricky Shetty: Weng Zamboanga – yes, I grow up in North Vancouver but lived in Burnaby for the last 5 years. We are now basing ourselves in Manila for at least 1 year.

Where can I find out about the Volunteer Teaching Jobs?

Weng Zamboanga:  There’s an NGO i read somewhere online that they are in need of volunteer teachers. I will try to look for that and send the link to you. There’s also a Canadian orphanage in Zamboanga City ran by a Canadian priest who send their teenagers (with no parents) to school. In Davao, there’s also another NGO called Hope for the Nations and they teach literacy to children.

Melisa Alonzo: Collect tagalog phrases or download Tagalog language app.

Ricky Shetty: Any specific apps you have used and can recommend?

Andrew Pearlman:  Following

Melisa Alonzo:  @Ricky Shetty “Moiën” that’s the name of the app, that’s suggested by friend who’s also expat.

Alison Maciejewski:  I had a great tutor from Mandaluyong! DM for her contact info

Ricky Shetty:  Just messaged you to connect with your tutor!

Leroy Van Den Broek: Adrian Pantonial is the best teacher and very profesional! One of a kind and a certified one! The best

Ricky Shetty: Can you connect me to him?

Adrian Pantonial: Thank you, Leroy, for the compliment and recommendation. 🙂 Hello, Ricky Shetty. You may visit my FB Page

Tagalog Tutor Pro
5.0 ★ Public Figure
1109 Quezon City, Philippines

Ricky Shetty: Adrian Pantonial – nice to meet you!!

Leroy Van Den Broek: Ricky Shetty He is the most kind and awesome teacher/friend and family i have

Adrian Pantonial Leroy – How much will you charge me for these awesome words? Haha! 😂😃😁

Leroy Van Den Broek: Libre na to kuya haha

Jess Sarmiento: Your wife does not have to be a pro….its the constant conversation thats important to learn the language

Ricky Shetty:  Yes, but my wife is not a trained or experienced teacher…I am looking for more structure and focus.

Jess Sarmiento: Eventually you will learn as you progress. Start with simple conversations and eventually you will be better at not only speaking but understanding as well. It will take time depending on practice

Matt Oliver: I reccomend a teacher for the grammar as my girlfriend and other Filipinos struggled to explain/teach me this part of the language

Emery Ville: Norman Lloyd Simo

Ricky Shetty: Let’s talk, Norman

Parra Didier: Take a local girl friend

Ricky Shetty: I am married to a pinoy 🙂

Richard Trent: I am a Canuck too from Calgary but I could speak Tagalog fluently including some local dialects.


Come to Orion Properties in Bataan.

Ricky Shetty: Yes – can you tell me more info 🙂

Jane Danila Trinidad Ortega: Hi Ricky, while looking for professional teacher here’s the two useful words to start with :
Yes ……Oo
No…….. HInde
Have a nice day 🤓

Ricky Shetty: Good start!!


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