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Where is the best joint for a Filipino cuisine in Manila?

Looking for recommendations! My usual go-to for Filipino cuisine is Elias. Am I on track or am I missing out on a better joint? Edit: So many people have mentioned Locavore (among others) so I’m really excited to try the place! I heard their sinigang and siding are must-haves. Anything else? Will definitively check out your other recommendations if time allows. Thank you all for your recommendations!

Chance Klein: Try Sentro at Greenbelt 🙂

Benjamin Lopez: Locavore Kitchen, Forbes Town Center

Emmett Curry: Manam is really good! BGC

Jax Sanchez: Cafe juanita

Brandon Potter: Locavore, Livestock

Jolene Stevens: Pretty much gauge how many Filipinos are eating … a cool cool cool app is eatigo it lets you try all kinds of places with discounts and includes all cuisines w/reviews.

Santiago Graham: Guevaras.

Kayleigh Farmer: Manam

Kayleigh Farmer: Abe

Alison Hoffman: Manam, sarsa, kanin club and pamana. 😊

Abigail Francis: Sarsa kare kare! 😋😋

Nolan Mendez: Arroz Ecija!! XO Bistro!!

Nolan Mendez: XO Bistro is really good. Not just the food but for the experience.

Adelynn Walton: Second xo, you get to practice your Filipino as the staff won’t talk English to you!

Nolan Mendez: Adelynn Walton: 💙💙

Mariah Mccoy: masarap yung binakol dito

Nolan Mendez: Billi Bobbu masarap a lot of stuff they have.

Harmony Fisher: Zubuchon in Makati!

Margot Bates: Sarsa, Locavore and Mesa

Sarai Scott: Sarsa – Sizzling KansiLocavore – Sizzling Sinigang and Lechon Oyster SisigGuevarra’s – Filipino Buffet

Ariah Delgado: mang inasal

Isla Romero: manam

Allie Long: Neil’s Kitchen, Westgate Alabang

Harrison Massey: Jollibee 🙂

Isla Romero: Sarsa is good too

Lillian Rodgers: Victorinos and Abe.

Elliott Washington: Locavore and Abe

Elias Wilson: I really like the crispy fish— ‘pinaputok na isda’— and halo halo at Milky Way on Pasay rd. Also, Via Mare’s bibingka is really special. Fely J’s, which is owned by the Abe group, has some delicious and affordable Filipino food.

Devin Nichols: Just ate at mesa a while ago. Quite impressed. They are also in booky so we got 50% off

Heaven Johnston: Manam is really good.. they have it in Greenbelt(Makati), BGC, and soon Greenhills I think

Lola Ingram: Locavore 💕

Stella Moran: If you are in the Quezon city area, you can try Santiago’s along Katipunan.

Mariah Mccoy: manammmmmm

Izabella Griffith: manam, locavore, sarsa


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