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Where to find a rental apartment or condo which is at least 3 bedrooms in Manila?

Hi All, can anyone recommend a rental apartment/Condo which is at least 3 bedrooms, semi furnished, which will allow a big, friendly, goofy german Shepherd? Preferably with in decent commute time into Intramuros and near enough to ISM (the international school). Thanks

Rosemarie Riosa-Tio: have a 4br townhouse for rent which is about 20-30min. to ISM

Roneth Añonuevo: Admiral Bay Suites

Sheila Villarina Napoletano: better rent a house as German Shepherd is a big dog, most condo will not accept big dogs. how much is your budget? i know one in Makati

Karen Vogelsang: Join Manila Expat Pet Lovers. Many members with big dogs!

Miriam Bialik Van Wees: Fantastic advice

Karen Vogelsang: Miriam Bialik Van Wees as to location: Intramuros and ISM are pretty far apart so chances are either you or the kids will have a long commute. Before you sign a contract, I would drive the route at the time you would normally do so to make sure it is something that you can live with! Good luck!

Myrtle Michelle: Bgc so ur near ism

Beeckmans Dave: Miriam Bialik Van Wees , I myself live in Accacia estates near BGC taguig . all pets allowed, 3 bedrooms, 2 bad room, 2 cr furnished and lots of amenities for children like, big and small pool, basketball field, playing ground, fitness, badminton field, clubhouse with pool table etc… I pay only 25K and also several Dutch of vlaams 😉 speaking residentsPS I can recommend Marwena Anewor to help you. Here husband also Dutch and she helpt me before perfect

Miriam Bialik Van Wees: thank you. is it the building itself, and all units in the building which are pet allowed? or is it individual apartment by apartment, and the owner of that aparment which is being let which is pet friendly?

Beeckmans Dave: Miriam Bialik Van Wees probably the owners, but Accacia is renowned for pets, can’t imaging that owners say no. But you can always ask through PMO they know exactly what is available and allowed pets. Accacia is several different villages , all with good security and very close to C5 . for me with my dog and kids was that really the best possible solution for reasonable price

Miriam Bialik Van Wees: Beeckmans Dave thank you. What is PMO?

Beeckmans Dave: Miriam Bialik Van Wees zoals een syndicus , zijn verantwoordelijk voor alles

Heena Paryani: One Serendra 😊

Dyen Isla: I have 2 bedroom semi furnished 57sqm unit at Rosewood Pointe Taguig.

Bernice B Vergara: Serendra is ideal also Trag please let me know if you need one.

Jake Orozco: Sharmagne Santiago


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