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Where to find expat living communities and common good place to live for families in Manila?

Edward ‘Ned’ Swann:  Rockwell Makati

Ann Millendez: BGC

Jhass Harris: If you want a quiet and not very crowded and kinda safer like living stress free i suggest where were living now its un south 40 mnts driving to manila beautifull place everything is close like shopping malls,restaurants and groceries very good for expats especially for kids all universities are close you can search nuvali santa rosa laguna

Jhass Harris: Were living now in south forbes villas and renting for 40php or $1000

Jhay San Pedro: BGC is good

Jayne Searle: Traffic is the biggest pain here. I would suggest you find out where your office is and then look at the places that won’t mean being stuck in the car for hours. Same with schools.

Jameson Batugal Sy: San lorenzo

Shahab Shabibi: BGC, Rockwell, Makati. You can also already start talking to some brokers online through websites like

Get.Place – Find The Right Broker

Aysegul Ozden Trifyllis: Where will the kids study? Work of husband? Stay around those, traffic is horrible. Join our group ma’am manila. For foreign ladies. Precious source.

Toobah Ali: Pls share the group link kindly

Michael Wistbacka: Depends totaly on what you are used to and what the reason for moving here is -are you paying yourvown schoolfees your kwn house or are you on company contract to start with ?

Aysegul Ozden Trifyllis: 🙂 exactly

Nancy Elsharkawi: I am looking at the International school Manila any thoughts. I have kids ages 8 and 11

Aysegul Ozden Trifyllis: Then global city, if you want a house, dasma or forbes.

Cortes Joao: Suggest Alabang. Nice community here, less pollution, great international school within the village, walking distance to malls, etc. Can refer you to friends to help u with housing. N least pollution 😃

Charlotte Ann Carreon: Stay close to where your hubby is going to work and the kids’ school coz yeah traffic can be such a bummer.

Regina Paula: When will you be moving? My parents condo may be available soon in BGC. Feel free to pm me. 🙂

Joche Huang: try Essensa it’s a condo communitiy in the fort, also forbes and dasmarinas village, or in makati area. possibly Serendra condo. or in Rockwell area too.

Erkin Yalçın: BGC is good. I am sure so many realtors have already contacted you after this post. They are very nice and helpful UNTIL you pay 1 year rent in advance (if your company is paying the rent). After you pay 2 months rent as deposit (pay 1 month, do not believe it is standard), you will not be able to reach them easily. Problems will start in the unit as they do not prefer investing in maintenance. Things might look nice in the unit, but they are definitely the cheapest as unit owners are very clever business people. After you move out, say bye bye to the deposit(s). Those smiling faces will consider every little issue as damage (tenant’s fault) in the unit and will charge you. Broker will find receipts saying unit is being painted because the wall was dirty etc. Good luck!

Sam dela Cruz: It depends where you’re working

Chanthida Vorn: We are also just moved here to Manila 1 months ago with a 2 years old boy and we live in BGC one Serendra the complex is very nice very green kids friendly and a lots of restaurant and shopping near by which in a walking distance. But yes like everyone said it’s depend where your husband work cos traffic is crazy here. I could recommend you my broker if you like she was very nice she help us sort out everything in the apartment to make sure we are good to move in and she just helps my husband to find his new office too. Good luck with your move and welcome to Manila 😊

Ayessa Bautista: We moved here a year ago. If your husband works in Makati then I recommend living in one of the Ayala developments around the Salcedo park: one, two and three salcedo place. Big condo units coz they are older but very well maintained because of developers.
Having outdoor space for our baby to play in that’s right in front is really a big difference.

If you opt for a condo, opt for one by a good developer. There are only 3 IMO: Ayala, Shangri-la Rockwell. Good security as well.

We found a very good broker and super accommodating landlord that specializes in Makati. Tips: put in the contract before signing:

– all rooms painted white
– replaced all appliances to INVERTER (we chose our own and even placed the model #)
– replace all light fixtures to LED

before move in. Manila electricity is expensive so these cut down our bills considerably.

Unit owners have a tendency to scrimp and buy cheap appliances that aren’t energy efficient or too small so if I were you I’d really specify the exact items you wants.

You can pm me if you want my recommendations


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