The capital and chief city of the Philippines


How to find an immigration lawyer for a free consultation in Manila?

Mike Papadopoulos: No such thing as “free” in the Philippines my friend.

Rahul R Nair: Can recommend u to an immigration lawyer. But there is nothing like free lunch over here

Shmuel Keyser Btzur: Haha ok I am not trying to get a free lunch, but if I will pay for services I have to see the lawyer is capable…

Shmuel Keyser Btzur: How much does a no-commitment consultation cost?

Jonathan Mallinson: Ask and we will advise you. Free! God Bless

Shmuel Keyser Btzur: I want to put a business in the Philippines, and I want to enter the process for child adoption. And I was wondering what is the easiest way to go about going towards residency (without marriage arrangements 😂)…

Bex James Shmuel: Keyser Btzur do you live in the PH? I know you can’t adopt unless you are a Filipino and or lived here for 3 or more years if a foreigner

Jonathan Mallinson: It is possible but takes a great deal of time and patience. But business and child adoption are to totally different things.

Shmuel Keyser Btzur: No Bex I am aware of the time lines and I plan to move there for it and commit to the law. I’d like to be self employed and have residency without having to pay 20K USD at the immigration door to have this… I am just wondering which are my options

Shmuel Keyser Btzur: thanks Bea, I need to be there couple of years and I’d like to be self employed, what do you think is the best way about going residency/visa, I have a lot of time and a lot of patience…

Bex James Shmuel: Keyser Btzur have no idea about visas but you don’t have to become a permanent resident to have a business. You can get other visa’s but you’ll need to talk to someone in that field.

Shmuel Keyser Btzur: Bex thank you if you know someone I’d appreciate a recommendation.


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